There's More Behind The Can You See Feet Account Than You'd Think

can you see feet twitter account

Inspired by the very good account about whether you can pet dogs in video games, there's now an account for all the games showing off characters' bare feet. But while the account at first looks like its designed to cater to a particular demographic, the woman responsible for the account's creation explained there was a lot more behind "Can You See Feet" than there first seems.

At first glance, the account seems pretty straightforward. Users submit moments from games where the characters feet are exposed, and so naturally this is something that must be catalogued to satisfy the internet's lust. Some of the shots are straightforward: Geralt's feet in The Witcher 3 bath scene, or Mario's feet on the beach in Odyssey.

Things get a little bit thirstier depending on the game. Can you see Phoenix Wright's feet in Ace Attorney? Yes you can. What about Overwatch? The answer to that one is pretty obvious. What about Fire Emblem Awakening - can you see anyone's feet there? Can You See Feet? has all the answers you need.

But the reason behind the account isn't, as some might suspect, to show what games let their characters "relax". "I usually have a lot of free time to think about stuff and I get a lot of ideas as a result," the female creator, who opted to keep her name anonymous, told Kotaku Australia over private message.

"I started this account as I noticed one very underutilised type of "gimmick" account (a term given to Twitter accounts who post a specific type of content, mostly comedic, such as the Image Taken Before X Events accounts or No Context accounts) was the Can you X? accounts, which are dedicated to finding out if video games have a certain function or not," they said.

Gimmick accounts on Twitter are fairly common. You see them all the time: accounts rating dogs, accounts dedicated to fashion spotted only on the streets of Harajuku, accounts devoted to quotes and screenshots out of context. But the creator felt there was a lack of Twitter accounts exploring particular functions within video games, and so she decided to make one of her own.

When asked about the type of reaction she expected, the creator said it was that thirsty, immediate response that she found the funniest. "[It's] the exact reason I decided to choose the topic of 'Can you see a video game character's feet?' as I know the reception I would get from it would cause a lot of people to cringe and question the existence of my account, which is why I find it so funny when people tag their friends in the replies," they said.

It's a nice twist in what, ordinarily, seems like a bit of a laugh. "Can You See Feet?" definitely is for a laugh - but maybe not the stereotypical one everyone thinks.

As a final aside, I asked the creator if they had any final messages or things they wanted people to think about when they saw the account. They didn't have a particular message, but they did have one recommendation they'd like to see come to fruition.

"Reimu Hakurei from Touhou Project should be in Super Smash Bros Ultimate," they added.

Just in case you're wondering, yes: you can see people's feet in Touhou Project.


    Seems a far more worthy endeavour for a twitter account until we get a ‘can you pet cats’ one for the feline master race.

    So previous to this I didn’t think I had a foot fetish, but now I’m not so sure.

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