Grand Theft Auto IV Returns To Steam Next Month Without Online Multiplayer

Grand Theft Auto IV Returns To Steam Next Month Without Online Multiplayer

Removed from sale on Steam in January due to an issue with Microsoft’s now-defunct Games for Windows Live service, Grand Theft Auto IV returns to the service on March 19 as Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition. The new version of the game includes the core game and Episodes from Liberty City, but no longer supports online multiplayer.

The previous PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV not only used Games for Windows Live to power its multiplayer, Microsoft’s service was also required to generate new game keys. The new version, launching next month across all PC storefronts including Steam and Rockstar’s own game launcher, strips the Games for Windows Live reliance from Grand Theft Auto IV, at the cost of online multiplayer.

Starting March 19, players who own Grand Theft Auto IV on PC will be able to update their game to Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Collection. Previously standalone, the Episodes from Liberty City story add-ons will now be included in the package. Hit up the game’s Steam page for details on how to transition to the new version.


  • This is a good thing. I had so many issues with windows Live causing errors running this game and all I ever wanted to play was singleplayer.

  • Never even knew GTA 4 had multiplayer, so no loss there. Heres hoping they update the game while they are at it so it runs on more than half a cpu core.

  • This is a shame, had some great times with The Lost and the Damned DLC on PS3 back in the day as there were a hell of a lot less trolls/griefers compared to the base game. People were happy to cruise the streets together in free roam before inevitably heading to the airport to pull off as many crazy bike stunts as they could. Had recently thought about picking it up next time I saw it cheap on Steam, but might pass now.

  • Man, that is some grade A hubris to call the version of game where the multiplayer has been removed as the “Complete” version

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