Bad Kitty!

Bad Kitty!
Screenshot: @TiffanieTx1, <a href="">Twitter</a>

This week on Snapshots, some Spider-Men, some Stormtroopers, a cool collection of feathers, a gold mask, some shoes in a maze and one bad kitty. And more!

I never noticed those shoes in the Ashtray Maze in Control. Which is wild. I wonder what other details I missed in that game? I guess I’ll have to play it again. What a shame. Having to play a great game, again.

Image Red Dead Redemption II (Screenshot: R0lloTomasi, Email)

Image Spider-Man (PS4) (Screenshot: Alvin, Email)
ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Screenshot: @XkardazX, Twitter)

ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Screenshot: @catsandbolts, Twitter)
ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Horizon Zero Dawn (Screenshot: @YouSpoonyBardd, Twitter)

ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Red Dead Redemption II (Screenshot: @NoviKaiba23, Twitter)
ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Control (Screenshot: @SaraEshak, Twitter)
ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Spider-Man (PS4) (Screenshot: @EliteGamingP, Twitter)
ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Red Dead Redemption II (Screenshot: @TiffanieTx1, Twitter)

When Animals Attack: Old West Edition.

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