Control Is Going For $34 On PS4 Now

Control Is Going For $34 On PS4 Now
Image: Remedy Entertainment

It’s great timing given the first major DLC is about to drop this week, but if you haven’t played Control, now is the perfect time.

The deal is available through the PlayStation Store right now, with anyone able to grab the standard edition of Jesse Faden’s adventure for $33.98. That’s a huge deal on any platform: the cheapest Control has been on PC is $58, for example.

The base Control experience was one of my favourite games last year, and the game’s performance in consoles has been improved since launch. And nobody makes weird, David Lynch-inspired environments with such a solid grounding in mechanics like Remedy. The game is just fun to play and traverse once you start floating around everywhere. It’s a ton of fun, and if you haven’t played it, now’s the perfect time.

The PSN deal will be live until April 2. You can check it out and grab the game via this link.

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  • This was one of my favourite games right up to the point I started hating it. I’m sure my neighbours must have heard me screaming at some of those bosses. If it had let me instantly retry boss battles without having to reload and then run through areas that had repopulated with enemies just to get back to them I would have persisted. It killed me to give up, but it was that or inevitably have to purchase a new TV after I threw my controller through it.

  • This is one of those few games that people all rave about that I just didn’t like. Combat felt wonky and random, levels were boring and repetitive and I found the way the story was told to be obnoxious and just a bit too vague.

    Happy that there are people out there that love this game, but it just didn’t click for me.

    • Yep…couldn’t agree more. I can see how others would be right into it but I just didn’t click for me.

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