Animal Crossing: New Horizons: What Price Are Your Turnips?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: What Price Are Your Turnips?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ stalk market is a dangerous game. On Sunday mornings, Daisy Mae comes around with turnips to sell. They usually hover around the 100 bell mark and can be bought in bundles of 10. Monday to Saturday, these turnips can be sold to Timmy and Tommy — but the price fluctuates rapidly and you may not always make a profit by the end of the week when your turnips expire.

Luckily, there’s a solution — all you need is a bit of help from your friends.

Here at Kotaku Australia, we’re avid Animal Crossing players and deeply invested in the turnip market. With prices changing twice daily — once at 8am and again at 12pm — it can be hard to reap the market rewards.

When you score paydirt with your turnips, we’d love to hear about it — and I’m sure our readers would too.

If you have a high turnip price (above 150) and you’re willing to have visitors to your town, post in the comments below and let people know you’re open for business!

If we all work together, we can help each other make the most of the stalk market.

While tools like Turnip Prophet and Turnip Calculator can help you predict the prices of turnips, the best success you can have is a friend with high prices in their town.

Last week, I hit an all-time high for my town at 426 bells and opened my town up to everyone with a Dodo code. While it certainly slowed down my game (the loading screen takes around 30 seconds per person), it was great to be able to help people out.

So, Kotaku Australia readers: what is your turnip price today?

Don't Neglect Turnips In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you ask me, Animal Crossing is much more fun when you don’t spend all your time in the pursuit of money. But if you’re set on making bank, New Horizons offers you a bunch of good ways to indulge your inner Scrooge. One such option that many new players will gain access to this coming weekend is the Stalk Market, where you can buy and sell turnips and, if you play your rutabagas right, rake in some big Bells.

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  • I’ve found to be pretty good.
    Tips are to wait for later in the week and pick someone down around the middle with a short queue. Top ones always fill up instantly.

    Make sure you phone volume is on, turn off the screen time out and get next to the airport with your inventory full of turnips and 99k or a NMT (if you feel like paying is fair). Then sit back, watch a movie/TV and wait for the notification.

  • I bought turnips last sunday for 90 bells a ‘nip, got scared and sold em tuesday morning for 130 bells each. I check the price in the afternoon, and it was 536. Couldn’t help but scream.

    • When that happens, you can still salvage things by letting everyone visit your island. Many if not most of them will leave tips from their profits, so with a high enough price you’ll probably make a killing. 🙂

      • Yeah if I’d had a bit more business sense I would have capitalised on the opportunity, but I didn’t realise at the time such a high price was so rare. I thought Timmy and Tommy probably stooged everyone like that once you’d sold for a pittance.

    • That’s where something like can help. it’s not always perfect but if you keep track of your prices on there as often as you can during the week you can usually see if/when a spike is coming.
      Just last week for instance my friend was freaking out because his prices were dropping but Turnip Prophet showed he had a (small) chance for a spike on Friday, with Thursday evening being the turning point, so he reluctantly agreed to hold off. In the end he had a price of 470 on Friday morning 😛

      Of course if you know for sure you’re passed the point of possible decent prices (or don’t want to rely solely on yourself/friends), then you can turn to places like turnip exchange or the ACTurnip subreddit like we would have if we weren’t quite so lucky on Friday.

  • i bought mine for 93 and they were 83 this morning.

    Also, does anyone have hyacinths or pansies? I don’t have either of these flowers

  • 1) Buy no matter the price. In the early game, spend as much as you have. Hold nothing back. Spend all morning fishing if you have to, to buy more. Just don’t leave it too late if you’re going to buy in one hit – Daisy leaves at like… 10am Sunday. Fill your inventory at least once. Ideally, more than once. Use the rooms in your house to store the turnips – don’t worry, they can’t be stolen by visitors.

    2) For selling, look to Reddit: – the best sellers will post a link to (an auto-queue site) that doesn’t work, and will include text in their post for the missing characters to fix the link, to prevent botting. Do this maybe early in the week, pick your price. Anything from 500-600 is great and will get you several times your investment as profit. Some newbies will ask you to DM… they’re going to be swamped, so don’t pin your hopes on that. will also let you search for islands by their price, but if you browse directly from the exchange be prepared for much, much longer queues.

    2.5) When you visit, remember it’s only polite to leave a 10% tip or a stack (or two) of 99k bells from your sales.

    3) If you’re desperate, take the individual approach – newbies to selling will be posting on twitter. Do a search on twitter for “turnip code”. Anyone who says they’re selling and you should DM them for a code, do that. Maybe they’ll get back, maybe they won’t. Cast a wide net. Be polite and don’t expect anything.

    4) Don’t wait til Saturday. Everyone selling for good prices will be swamped with guests and no-one will be able to move for the ludicrous loading process that happens everytime someone else logs in.

    5) In point 2.5) I mentioned the tips. If you get a good price yourself (anything over 500), maybe consider signing up to and spending an hour or two letting people visit. People will leave tips (not all of them, just those who are nice/can afford to, but it’s Animal Crossing – it tends to draw the ‘nice’), so you’ll be able to generate revenue even having sold your own turnips.

    • I’d also add that people shouldn’t bother with those asking insane ‘fees’ to go to their island… I see a lot asking for 5+ Nook Miles tickets, 10+ Gold Nuggets, etc.

      It’s simply not worth even considering these people. There are plenty of people with high prices who won’t even demand a fee and simply rely on people tipping of their own accord.

      • Also when trading anything take a second to remember that NMP tickets and gold nuggets are valuable simply because you can’t buy them with bells. Anything you can buy with bells is essentially free as long as you have the time to grind out fish and bugs. If you’re buying two full rooms worth of turnip stacks per week it only takes two 500+ weeks to comfortably cover all debts, expensive bridges/inclines and free you up to buy clothes/items without worrying about cost. By the fourth 500+ win you’re wondering why you’d even bother going for a fifth. At that point no amount of bells is worth the time it takes to move them out of your inventory and into your home.

        I know personally I’d trade a million bells for the fish I accidentally sold in March instead of donating it to the museum.

    • You’ll want to scan the reddit site by new, not most popular which are the most swamped.

      Going to the actual turnip site is fine if you are happy to settle for 300-400 turnips. I see no need to go for 500-600 each time as they are always swamped. I didn’t even bother with turnips this week, you only need 1-2 good runs to set you up.

  • Thanks for the tips everyone. I’ve finally caved and bought Nintendo online and was able to buy on a friends island for 90 bells each (rather than 110). I’ve had two losses in a row now selling on my own island so this week I’m keen to make bank. More friends are always welcome!! 4076-5942-1125

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