Everything Announced During Today’s Inside Xbox

Everything Announced During Today’s Inside Xbox
Screenshot: Obsidian Entertainment

Here’s a roundup of everything Microsoft announced during today’s Inside Xbox.

An early version of Grounded, the upcoming survival adventure game from Obsidian Entertainment, will arrive on Xbox Game Preview on July 28.

Games can be stored on the Xbox Series X external hard drives, but they’ll need to be moved to the internal memory in order to play them.

Forza Street is heading to iOS and Android on May 5. Playing the game in the first 30 days will earn players a special car as a welcome gift.

Image Screenshot: No Brakes Games

A whole slew of games were announced for Xbox Game Pass. Journey to the Savage Planet and Football Manager 2020 will join Game Pass for Xbox One and PC, respectively, on April 9. Mistover and Stranger Things 3: The Game are heading to PC Game Pass sometime in the future, with Human Fall Flat expansion Thermal, Alvastia Chronicles, and Yakuza Kiwami available on both eventually.

Minecraft Dungeons will release on May 26.

Journey to the Savage Planet expansion Hot Garbage launches April 15.

Image Screenshot: Microsoft

Gears Tactics will put players in the shoes of Gabe Diaz, the father of Gears of War 5 protagonist Kate. While the developers plan to include a multitude of custom cosmetic options, there will be no loot boxes or micro-transactions. The game went gold today and will be included in the PC Games Pass at launch.

Several countries in western Europe now have a chance to check out Project XCloud for themselves. Dragon Age: Inquisition, Unravelled Two, and Sims 4 are now playable through the game streaming service.

Hotline Miami Collection is now available on Xbox One.

Atomicrops will be out on May 28.

Image Screenshot: Rare

The next Sea of Thieves update arrives on April 22. Ships of Fortune features an expanded reputation system, an overhauled competitive mode, new cosmetics, and cats.

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  • That external HDD feature seems like a backwards step.
    Maybe they mean if you use a standard mech drive instead of the Xbox External SSD in order to keep load times fast(and force ppl to buy their add on). If that’s not the case then it really is a backwards step!

    • Well that’s exactly the point – to keep a consistent experience for consumers and developers. If they develop a game for a certain speed of hardware, throwing it on some slow, 5400rpm mechanical HDD is going to break the entire experience.

      This attitude of it being a step back is exactly what stifles innovation; you want things to be better than a previous model/product/generation but you don’t want things to change. Pick one.

    • Hmmm I assumed they were referring to standard mechanical USB drives, but now you’ve got me wondering. I haven’t watched it myself, so not sure of their exact wording. You’d assume the official SSD expansion would be fine for series X games, since Sony are allowing users to add their own expansion drives as long as they meet the appropriate standards.

      • Yes, sorry i re-read my post and realised it wasn’t very clear. If they are saying the use of an external drive means having to always transfer games onto the main HDD to play them, then it would be a backwards step, where currently you can essentially have the plugged in drive in a sort of RAID configeration.
        I would assume you should be able to play the games directly from the 2nd HDD like todays consoles, but if it is a mechanical style drive, the load times would just be slower, hence maybe why this feature is set up this way?

        • My understanding is that you can play series x games off either the internal SSD or an expansion SSD (if you buy one and plug it into the expansion slot in the back). External USB mechanical drives can be used for storage of series X games but you’d have to move them onto SSD (either the internal or expansion) to play. XB1 (or earlier) games being played via backwards compatibility can be played directly off the USB mechanical drive.

          • Yeah mate both series X and ps5 will allow external USB drives to store next gen games but those games must be then moved to the internal ssd to be played. I think it’s pathetic and rude considering alot of folks like myself have already just bought an external USB SSD drive in 2tb format for around $450 australian, now all i can do is store the games on the damn thing. if I save around $800/$700 I can pick up an nvme SSD chip/SSD memory card in 2tb format and slot it in a bay in the ps5/seriesX. But honestly who wants to spend that on extra storage when you already own an external USB drive???

          • The problem is that USB drives just aren’t fast enough compared to the SSD’s in the series X and (even more so) the PS5. Games will be built expecting to be able to get data off the drive at a speed speed that your existing USB drives aren’t capable of supporting.

            The plus side is that these new SSDs will allow for significant improvement in the games developers are able to create – these will be the single most revolutionary change to the games we play next generation, far more so than any graphics upgrades.

    • PS5 and XS X games are being designed around this feature it is the biggest step in Bridging the Gap and PCs. Yes it will use Proprietary expandable hardware but both companies are doing this. It is also not a new thing for PC users to run a very fast smaller drive and swap out the current game they are tackling to squeeze out performance. Managing storage or straight out uninstalling is normal welcome to real life the console is as easy as it comes to starting a game and installs will take all of 2 or 3 minutes for the largest titles. You’re being a simpleton if you think this is a step backwards

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