Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Visiting Random Animal Crossing Islands [Update]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Visiting Random Animal Crossing Islands [Update]
Photo: Alex Wong, Getty

Politicians aren’t exactly able to go door-to-door meeting folks at the moment, but Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doing the next best thing”or maybe even the better thing”and heading out to meet folks in Animal Crossing instead [Update: and attend graduation ceremonies!].

AOC put out a notice earlier today that she was planning on visiting “random people’s islands” so she could “leave a doodle or note on their bulletin board”. She opened her DMs for four minutes, giving followers a chance to leave some Dodo codes so she could come visit, before heading off on an evening of being offered fruit, interrupting people’s islands with cutscenes and hopefully some wholesome online interactions.

The first visit: lovely!

Second visit: also lovely!

Yet another visit, this time with Lifehacker’s own David Murphy: lovely!

Of course they’re lovely visits. It’s Animal Crossing.

I love the shirt, by the way.

Aside from regular visits, there’s also the possibility of appearing on (Rogue One screenwriter and former games writer) Gary Whitta’s Animal Crossing talk show, which is quite a sentence to be typing out onto a website.

UPDATE May 11: Oh wow, turns out she ended up making more than just social calls! Here she is visiting an epidemiologist’s graduation ceremony, where she even gave a short commencement address:


    • I don’t know, whether we live in Australia or not we all sort of live through the consequences of whatever America does. I mean you and I both clicked and all.

      Plus it’s kind of fun to see a politician dipping her toes into a game, regardless of the reason or where she’s from.

      • i don’t think that is the issue really, i mean u are totally right.

        is anyone under the delusion that had this been republican Dan Crenshaw for example it would have ended up on kotaku. it made it onto the site because of the things she believes and animal crossing gives them an excuse to write about it that’s all.

        • Haven’t heard of Crenshaw, but yes, the tone likely would be different if it was a different politician representing different politics – but I would somewhat cheekily suggest most politicians representing those other politics would be less likely to interact with ‘new’ media like this in the first place or the people that are into it (unless ‘oil tycoon’ became some hip new game everyone was playing, but that’s just me being a dick)

          • In all fairness to what you’re saying, most politicians wouldn’t engage in such “new” media regardless of political affiliation.

            I wouldn’t (and haven’t) seen a Biden, or hell an Omar, engaging in anything similar. Even the highly popular Obama’s didn’t engage in such things, although I think Barack went on talk shows *shrug*

            AOC has marketed herself as the hip, young, whipper snapper, breaking political moulds and all that jazz. She’s like that meme with Steve Buscemi, you know, the one where he’s pretending to be a high schooler?

            Gotta play some animal crossing while telling people to boycott going back to work when they can.

          • Or, you know, maybe she’s just acting her age? Steve Buscemi was thrice the age of the children in the meme. AOC is the actual same age. Weird comparison, dude.

          • i don’t know much about Crenshaw either i just googled republicans and picked the pirate, my only other choice seemed to be old white guys, you will be surprised by that i’m sure =)

            i don’t often read Kotaku but every time i have seen someone right leaning on this site they are being unjustly called some kind of ist, or they have searched out some dinosaur ‘violence in video games moron’ like they don’t also exist on the left.

    • While you’re literally not wrong, it’s just how it be when the bulk of our content is from the US.
      Funny that it would be an Australian reporting on it though.

      Wouldn’t have thought it worth 4 downvotes but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Wouldn’t we all love to see Tony Abbott playing Animal Crossing…

        “Love your island mate… growin’ any onions anywhere? Kinda hungry.”

        • I don’t have the game… Can you dress your character in budgie smugglers?

      • Because she’s a protected species. So much so, that even though the comment is in no way negative, or even directed at her, her fans will froth at the mouth because she wasn’t praised for… whatever…

    • Just gonna throw in an upvote to try to balance this out. I don’t necessarily agree? But I *really* don’t think this was the kinda comment worth the dogpiling?

    • Downvoting on a comment like that is easily some of the most petty shit I’ve seen on this site…

    • What that there are some in the US government who are actual nice people and capable of being functional adults with a sense of humour? I dont need to live in the US to appreciate that.

  • I like her, she’s a frequent guest on the hilarious show Desus & Mero. So this news is heartwarming.

      • No. I enjoy watching good people doing good things. Stop bullying her, irony boy. We’ve spoken about this before.

        • god your insufferable, good people doing good things she hasn’t done anything.

          she is a race baiting huckster, her proposals are for the most part so extreme they have no chance of passing which is exactly what she wants convincing people like you that she is fighting the good fight, while in reality she isn’t even trying to change anything.

          if the fact that she staged herself crying at a US border detention facility which turned out to be an empty carpark doesn’t convince you that she is a reprehensible snake, maybe the lies about detainee’s having to drink out of the toilet might do it? no you’re just an extreme partisan that can’t recognise a con-women when they are “on ur side”

          ps keep conflating criticism with bullying it makes you look like a child.

          • God. You’re such a bully. Stoo bullying everyone.

            (P.S. Champ, if you genuinely can’t see how easy and fun it is to bait you, maybe I’m not the child here, you bully)

  • Haha oh Lordy.

    Literally nobody:

    The expected folks, one to each other: Hah look at ALL these liberals frothing at the mouth to worship this woman! I know right? We get it, you can’t stop talking about her, you drones! Totally! Us, wise few need to counterbalance this deluge of useless devotion with a bit of necessary hate! Here’s an upvote for your oppressed and unpopular opinion!

    It is really sad and pathetic how much you people get yourselves worked up whenever you see her name. One has to wonder what deep-rooted insecurities her existence forces you be reminded of to lash out so flaily.

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