Redacted Cyberpunk 2077 Classification Report Contains Dildos, Decapitations, Implied Sexual Assault And More

cyberpunk 2077 classification reportImage: CD Projekt

Cyberpunk 2077 will be sold unedited in Australia, thanks to the Classification Board's R18+ rating. And according to a redacted version of the Classification Board's ratings decision, expect a lot of sex.

The Classification's decision reports largely exist to explain the Board's justification in giving a game a particular rating. Decision reports don't outline every possible scene that factored into a classification rating, as the Board's director Margaret Anderson explained in Senate Estimates earlier this year. And it's not the first time the Board has redacted a classification decision report, as publishers and developers can ask the Board not to publish a report until a game's launch to avoid the proliferation of spoilers.

cyberpunk 2077 classification report

The redacted version of Cyberpunk 2077's classification report contains some interesting details worth reading, which we have shared below. There are no story spoilers, but if you want to avoid all mentions of gameplay entirely now is your chance to close the browser tab.

cyberpunk 2077 classification reportImage: Cyberpunk 2077

The report notes that "there are virtually no restrictions on the treatment of themes" in Australia's R18+ classification. "The game contains no depictions of actual sexual activity nor does it contain explicit and realistic depictions of simulated sexual activity," the board's report says.

There's a few things to keep in mind here. Implicit sex - sounds of people banging or pleasuring themselves - is treated differently to sex that's depicted on-screen.

It doesn't seem like much of a difference in practice, but under Australia's classification guidelines, games cannot feature any on-screen depictions of sex. Even showing simulated sex on-screen can run the risk of a game being refused classification.

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The classification report also reconfirms that not all cut-scenes in Cyberpunk 2077 will be in first person, clearing up some of the confusion from the mixed messaging around the game's approach to cut-scenes last year. .

"Cut scenes, including the game's non-interactive sex scenes, are also primarily depicted from the first-person perspective," the Classification Board's report says.

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The report then outlines three scenes with various redactions.

At various points, the player can [REDACTED] choose to engage the services of male or female NPCs labelled as prostitutes. A [REDACTED] cut scene is then triggered in which the player character accompanies the prostitute to a room and engages in simulated sexual activity.

The sequence is [REDACTED] depicted from the first-person perspective, with breast and buttock nudity visible as the NPC assumes sexual poses and positions, [REDACTED]

In other [REDACTED] first-person cut scenes, the player is able to engage in consensual sexual acts with other NPCs. For example, [REDACTED] has a sexual encounter with a female NPC [REDACTED].

The sequence [REDACTED] uses a a brief wide-angled depiction of full frontal female nudity, to depict simulated sexual activity, with sounds of sexual pleasure emanating from both characters until they implicitly climax.

During one quest [REDACTED]. V enters a sex shop [REDACTED]. Mannequins are posed inside glass cabinets in various sexual positions, including a simulation of rear-entry sex. Other, smaller cabinets contain a variety of sex toys or devices, including a number of oversized phallic-shaped dildos.

[REDACTED] V, [REDACTED] enters a room [REDACTED]. As V lifts [REDACTED] her nose and mouth are revealed to be covered in blood.

She is alive, but [REDACTED] clearly "traumatised". The implication of the dialogue and post-action visual references is that she has been sexually assaulted.

The decision report goes on to note that players can choose to "inflict post-mortem damage on NPC corpses". Arms, legs and heads of corpses can be detached with gunfire, with some stylised injuries and details of entrails and bone visible in some cases.

I've followed up with the Classification Board for clarification on the delay in publicising Cyberpunk 2077's classification rating - as the game was first classified on March 11 - and will update this story if more information comes to light. All in all, the report gives us the clearest indication of the kinds of themes and tone we can expect from the game.

Parents: if your kids ask, this game is definitely not for them.

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    [REDACTED] V, [REDACTED] enters a room [REDACTED]. As V lifts [REDACTED] her nose and mouth are revealed to be covered in blood.

    She is alive, but [REDACTED] clearly "traumatised". The implication of the dialogue and post-action visual references is that she has been sexually assaulted.

    this sounds like the scene from the first hour long look that was from 2018's E3 reveal with the woman who had been kidnapped and was getting her parts harvested.

    but under Australia's classification guidelines, games cannot feature any on-screen depictions of sex.

    Might want to tell that to Red Dead Redemption. Wasn't it that games cannot display sexualised violence?

      Pretty sure you can have sex on screen yeah, it's sexual violence that's the no no.

      Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol and many others had sex scenes not explicit exactly but also non-interactive maybe that's the line, when it become a "mini game".

        Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy has an interactive sex scene, and got away with an MA15+ rating both at initial release in 2005 and in 2016.

        A fair bit more than the 'interactive' ones in God of War at least!

          For everyone's reference:

          Computer games will be refused classification if they include or contain any of the following:



          Depictions of actual sexual activity are not permitted.

          From the classification act (via the referenced story further up above).

            Surely the designation of “actual” is discussing depictions of real penetrative sex – like non-simulated actual footage of real humans. Because there are a lot of games that depict sex on-screen.

            It’s different obviously, because it’s a film, but consider the classification advice for a film like 9 Songs which has actors performing actual penetrative sex:

            From the Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games 2012:

            Except in material restricted to adults, nudity and sexual activity must not be related to incentives or rewards.

            Depictions of actual sexual activity are not permitted.
            Depictions of simulated sexual activity may be permitted.
            Depictions of simulated sexual activity that are explicit and realistic are not permitted.

            Violence should be mild and infrequent, and be justified by context.
            Sexual violence, implied or otherwise, is not permitted.

            I'm guessing they considered it to simply be simulated, and that the player isn't in control.

            Well, that's gonna disappoint all those people lining up to buy it for their 12 year olds I guess :P

              If I see any parents complain about there little 12 yo Timmy seeing sex in a video game rated R18, I will blam them and them alone for there stupidity of not looking at the classification. Its AMAZING how many people still buy games for there kids when the classification clearly says its not for them.

      I found that odd, GTA V has a few sex scenes in it as well, even as far as one mission to spy on a couple having sex while filming it.

        Yep, just 'simulated sex', ala the acceptable standards for rated R games.

    I'm just pleased they will never see my heavily modded DA Origins, some of the scenes in camp would do their heads in...

    Parents: if your kids ask, this game is definitely not for them.

    It's a pretty sad world we live in when we need to say this about an R18+ rated game.

      The rating system is confusing and verbose. Someone not technologically literate who trusts their kid might not think twice about buying them the game. especislly with easy digital downloads the kid can do the purchasing without ever needing to go to the store.

      We live in a reality where people are still holding up Nazi signs and think men are oppressed because women have the right to say no.

      A parent not really understanding or paying attention to the ratings system that ebbs and flows constantly on a medium they don't pay attention to is hardly the saddest thing.

        You don't need to be technically literate to understand what R18+ means, and that's a rating that applies to not just games. They'll know what that rating means when it comes to movies, there's no excuse to not know what it means when it comes to games.

        There's no "ebb and flow" or having this subject to interpretation. R18+, regardless of what medium it's on, means 18+. Adults only. There's should be no confusion. If Little Johnny is 13 years old and wants an R18+ game, you can clearly see "18+" and say no.

        And if a parent is letting their kid digitally purchase anything, including games, without supervision or permission, then they have bigger problems they need to address.

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