Five Classic Tracks Won’t Be In The THPS Remasters

Five Classic Tracks Won’t Be In The THPS Remasters
Screenshot: Vicarious Visions, Activision

The first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games were defined as much by their soundtracks as their skating mechanics. So when Activision announced the remasters earlier this week, fans were immediately curious about the status of the iconic tracklist. In speaking with Activision, Kotaku has nailed down exactly the songs you’ll hear in the halfpipe and which will be missing when Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 launches on September 4.

First, the good news: Only five songs didn’t make it into the remasters. The bad news? That small group includes “Bring the Noise,” the iconic collaboration between heavy metal’s Anthrax and hip-hop legends Public Enemy. That was my favourite song, too!

Here’s the full list of tracks that won’t be in the remasters:

  • Suicidal Tendencies – “Cyco Vision”

  • Unsane – “Committed”

  • Anthrax & Public Enemy – “Bring the Noise”

  • The High & Mighty – “B-Boy Document ‘99″

  • Alley Life – “Out With The Old”

All of the other songs you remember made it in.

Jen Oneal, head of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 developer Vicarious Visions, tempered soundtrack expectations during an interview with IGN earlier this week, saying that licensing rights would keep a few of the original tracks from being featured in the remasters.

The situation was further muddied today by the game’s official Spotify playlist, which led to multiple reports of missing tracks that Kotaku has learned will actually be in the game. If you’re a big Evenrude or Speedealer fan, never fear; those classic songs will be in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater remasters.


  • No Bring The Noise.

    Still extremely stoked for this. I kept thinking after the last couple Tony Hawk game disasters that they should just remake early ones or go back to that formula.

    Just thinking about it now, I think Jerry Was A race Car Driver is the song that always summed up the feel of old Tony Hawks.

    • I mean, they did go back to that formula. It’s why we got THPSHD and THPS5.

      A studio like the Vicarious Visions probably has the chops to deliver though, particularly after their work on Crash Bandicoot.

  • The other 4 I won’t miss, but Cyco Vision was basically the one track I wanted the most :/

  • Well, as long as it’s easy enough to slip some music into the game… I really miss dev’s making it easy enough to drop mp3’s into a directory and play them yourself. That strangely enough, can really lengthen the life of a game. I remember it extending the life of San Andreas and Vice City on Xbox for me immensely.

    • I remember taking advantage of this feature on the original XBox to add in some of my own music to the original Project Gotham Racing.

      And the 360 originally supported the ability to play music off an iPod, which was great until they got rid of that feature after a major update 🙁

      • Yeah I remember that feature too 🙂 I used to use my original 80gb iPod (the old plate hdd models that had massive capacities!) and played soooo much music off of it 🙂

    • You can run Spotify in the background via the Xbone which I find is pretty handy for Racing games.

      There’s also a background music player Xbone app that plays songs of a Flash Drive that was pretty handy. Although it maxed out at 200 songs.

    • Turn down in-game music in menu, load up Spotify in background. It won’t react to actions taken in the game (e.g. getting out of a car in GTA and music stops) but for THPS it should suffice.

      • Oh, you’re talking console… yeah, not as possible. But you could just have a Bluetooth speaker near the TV? Bit different experience.

        • Nah we’ll be buying the pc version 🙂 It was nice on consoles how they used to let you do this. On PC most games for a while that used mp3’s as a source of music, allowed you to drag and drop into a custom directory for example. Now it’s a whole lot more complex, especially since it’s also a grey area of legality too.

          • yeah i remember the days of choosing that custom radio in GTA 4 to play my own mp3 files etc. most of my memories of cruising around GTA 4 come from those tracks.

        • Not sure about Xbox One, but on PS4 you can just boot up the Spotify app and listen to anything on Spotify whilst you play games, some games will even mute their music when it detects that you are playing your own.

          • You know, I’ve never thought to try that. Not even logged in on Spotify on my console.

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