Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 vs. Real Life

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 vs. Real Life
Image: Imgur (u/utherellus)

The upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator looks great, but it’s something else when you compare Microsoft’s next-gen sim to the real-world locations its based off.

User Utherellus, who’s been playing the closed alpha of Microsoft Flight Simulator, posted an album comparing in-game shots to their real-life locations on Imgur. There’s a good mix of landscape, architecture and key landmarks, like the famous Statue of Liberty or Mount Ngauruhoe from New Zealand.

Put simply, the shots are stunning. The game was already shaping up to be a great cathartic release, much like Euro Truck Simulator. But given how photorealistic Flight Sim 2020 is on the highest settings, and with the coronavirus pandemic shutting down the dream of international travel for a while, this game might be dropping at the best possible time.

A closed beta for Flight Simulator 2020 will go live sometime in July. The full game will launch on PC and Xbox One, although no release date for that has been set.

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  • Can’t tell which is which in a few of these, in saying that you could put a grainy low res photo up against ultra high settings and you would likely fool most people.

    • I posted the question to Brad Sams of about where the Series X lies on the specs for running FS2020 that was released a week or two back. He is “apparently” on the alpha program (“apparently”, because you aren’t allowed to say if you are on the program). He said that the Series X lies north of the recommended specs.

  • isn’t this the game that needs like 150GB HDD space?

    well anyway, just in time since we probably won’t be flying anywhere anytime soon lol

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