Here's Cooling Fan For The Nintendo Switch

Summers are brutal in Japan. So, here’s a small fan to help Switch owners make them more bearable.

This is the Gamers Mobile Cooler. It’s a small USB-connect fan that purports to pump out cool air that can drop the temp by 13 degrees Celsius.

As Game Watch Impress notes, the fan can also be used mobile phones. 

For the most part, Japanese summers are humid and gross. Air conditioning might not be the best. This is a silly-looking and strange product, sure, but considering how awful summers in Japan can be, it does make sense.


    doesn't that mean the USB power pack will also need a fan? lol

    the switch needs a cooling fan? modern hardware should run quite cool when outputing 12fps, is it running 1990's hardware to provide those 12fps to explain why it needs cooling?

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