What Are You Playing This Weekend?

what are you playing this weekend

Going swimming is out of the question with how bloody cold it is right now, so over the weekend I'll be having a virtual dip instead.

Most of my weekend is going to be devoted towards two games, both of which are dropping about the same time. Maneater, aka. Shark RPG, is a game I've been looking forward to playing through for a while. But along the same time, there's also Minecraft Dungeons. Both should be entertaining in their own ways, but I'm especially keen to see how Maneater holds up towards the end game.

Maneater Is Still Good Fun

Out of all the games this year, Maneater has been close to the top of my list. It just sounds like a winner: you play a shark, looking for revenge on a bounty hunter who killed your shark mother and taking out your anger on humans along the way. Unsurprisingly, flying through the air and snatching an unsuspecting tourist's arm is pretty entertaining.

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Another title that I'm interested in checking out - and we'll be doing that later today on stream - is Amazon's Crucible. I've heard absolutely no buzz about the game whatsoever, including nothing from Amazon themselves. That's generally never a good sign, especially when you think about the long, long time that Crucible has been in development. That aside, I'm also wondering what it'll be like to play in Australia. Games like these can often be a really crappy experience if you're not in Europe or the United States, since the developers often tend to focus on their largest playerbases if the game doesn't take off.

Amazon's First Free-To-Play Shooter, Crucible, Launches In Two Weeks

Amazon's in-house developers are about to launch their first blockbuster game. It's not the MMO you're probably thinking of, but a free-to-play shooter called Crucible, a game that looks awfully inspired by every popular multiplayer game from the last few years.

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So, a hell of a lot to playthrough this weekend. I'll probably also continue rolling with Lonely Mountains: Downhill on the Switch, which has been scratching that Tribes itch nicely.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I tried crucible yesterday. Interesting premise and I can see the potential but right now the gameplay gives off a really unpolished vibe and feels half baked. Shooting mechanics don't feels satisfying. Animations and controls are stiff. Half the abilities don't feel right to use. No voice or text chat to communicate with team. Hope Relentless can pull it together because there have been better games that are similar to this (Paragon) that have failed.

    Steam's kicked off its Spring Cleaning event, and it's recommended I install a few unplayed/long-neglected titles as part of a badge system. It's come up with some interesting selections, so I'm going to humour them and play some of those. Kinda looking forward to them. Betrayer, Eldritch, Fingered and Legend of Fae are all downloaded and ready to earn a few hours.

    I finally grabbed The Surge 2 and am enjoying it. Some parts are better than the original, some parts are worse. Feels like the near-horror, oppressive atmosphere of the first has been lost a little.

    Continuing on with Yakuza Zero. Just about to finish the Cabaret Club Czar side quest so i can get back to focusing on the main storyline.

    Otherwise, i'll just see if anything tickles my fancy.

    I've gotten back into Terraria with the new (and final) update being released so that'll probably be my weekend gone.

    Just finished Modern Warfare (Warzone), probably my favorite FPS story wise, only other shooter I got a similar feeling for was Spec Ops the Line.

    Will be playing Tomb Raider dlc over weekend and Age of Wonders.

      Warzone has a single-player campaign? Cripes. I was under the impression it was MP-only.

        The new Modern Warfare released in 2019, just put "Warzone" as reference.

          Same surprise. I thought that's all it was. It's all I ever heard mentioned. :P

    I started leveling a horde monk in WoW for no real reason.

    I have a love hate relationship with the class since neither tanking nor healing mechanics gels with me

    With the announcement of AC: Valhalla I've pulled Odyssey out of my POS, dusted it off and started a new playthrough that I totally intend on finishin... oooh. A bright shiny thing.

    So my weekend will be split between AC: Odyssey, Conan Exiles (which I've finished, but can't let go of) and making the most of what promises to be gorgeous weather tomorrow (before it turns to shit on Sunday)

    Finished The Witcher 3 main game replay and Hearts of Stone. Started Blood & Wine and promptly one-shotted a cyclopean knight with my crossbow! Will also be doing some Ikoria drafting with my kids plus testing out the new Commander decks.

    After suffering through Code Veronica X (time is not kind to that one) last weekend, I've been playing through Resident Evil 4 for the first time. I can appreciate it a lot more than the last time I tried to play it when I gave up after 5 - 10 minutes, but it plays super rough on PC with it going to Deadly Premonition levels of slowdown in rain. So I'm thinking it could definitely use a remaster... after CVX.

    Other than that, getting my usual dailies done.

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