What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Wildfire

It’s been wet, windy and cold as all buggery for most of the week in Sydney. So even though the isolation lid is starting to lift, it’s still a better time than ever for video games, especially with some of the bangers that have dropped lately.

Apart from Minecraft Dungeons, which I want to spend a little bit more time with before rendering a final judgement, this week has been absolutely stacked. The Aussie-made Wildfire, which has been in development for most of the last decade, finally launched this week. I’d never really considered it as a game I’d play in co-op, but the idea of sharing it with a friend is something I wouldn’t mind exploring over the weekend.

Mortal Kombat‘s story is something I’ve wanted to hit up, so I’ll be getting Aftermath at some point. Cut-scenes with RoboCop, surely, have to be fun. And I still want to spend some time working out how the hell F-117A Stealth Fighter is supposed to play on the Switch.

Mortal Kombat 11's Story Mode Kontinues On May 26, With RoboCop

Great news for fans of Mortal Kombat 11's single-player narrative this morning, as Netherrealm Studios reveals Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath, an all-new expansion the continues the game’s story and adds new fighters, including returning favourites Fujin and Sheeva and a certain half-man, half-machine, all cop.

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I’ve seen some footage online, and it’s apparently been ported by Retroism, so it’s not a thing out of the now-Australian MicroProse.

Sucks that it’s not the more modern version of F-117A Stealth Fighter. But hey, it’s staggering that the game has been ported at all. Those games used to come with reference cards showing you each of the 74 buttons you could hit on your keyboard to do separate things. Getting that all working on JoyCons is remarkable.

Oh, and I also have to find some time to play Last of Us 2 this weekend. That’s a thing now. (Gotta leave the best till last, right?)

What are you playing over the weekend?


  • Tropico 5, got it for $15 on the GOG sale.

    Working on just creating a nice looking island rather than min-maxing etc.

  • Got Wildfire yesterday – planning to have a good look at it on the weekend. Other than that, boardgames, boardgames and more boardgames, baby! Finish up the single player Gaia Project that is still on the table from last weekend, then may have a slash at Marvel Champions LCG and maybe Paladins of the West Kingdom? Need to have a go at Scythe and A Feast for Odin sometime soon, too. Man, I’ve bought a lot of games recently!… I think I have a problem. 😛

  • Been playing a bit of Outer Wilds lately, so I’ll probably keeping tinkering with that. I like that 22 minute cycle it runs on, it lets me break it down into manageable chunks.

    Got COD WW2 from PS+the other day, so will probably finish off that campaign, too.

    • Still get confused between Outer Worlds and Outer Wilds.
      The 22 minute cycle comment had me scratching my head.

      • I’m actually a bit surprised there wasn’t a lawsuit there. There have been over games with titles less similar than that, and compounded by the fact that they were released reasonably close together.

  • If i can get super paper mario a thousand year door running on my 2nd (and newer) computer, that. If i cant. Ummmm…..I dont know.

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