The Command & Conquer Remake Devs Are Making Their Own C&C: Renegade

The Command & Conquer Remake Devs Are Making Their Own C&C: Renegade
Image: Petroglyph

Petroglyph is on a roll. The studio, founded by former Westwood developers, knocked it out of the park with the Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection. And now they’re following up with a game that’s basically a spiritual successor to Command & Conquer‘s FPS/RTS hybrid, Command & Conquer: Renegade.

The game’s Earthbreakers, and it was announced as part of Steam’s Summer Game Festival. It’s supposedly launching sometime this year, although you can play a demo version right now. Functionally, it mirrors the same basic setup as Renegade. Two teams of up to 16 players each (depending on the map) pick from 12 classes, working to harvest Vilothyte (read: tiberium) while building up their base and production.

Players fan out across the map defending their harvesters, while working together to build structures that unlock new infantry classes, vehicles and more. The main differences here is that the visuals have gone for a cel-shaded look, a little akin to Borderlands without the comical overtones.

A new release trailer hasn’t dropped yet, but there’s a few servers in the US and Europe at the time of writing. The movement speed is super quick, and while the ping isn’t great, you can have a bit of fun if you just roll around in a tank or with a rocket launcher.

Here’s what the game actually looks like to play:

The Command & Conquer Remake Devs Are Making Their Own C&C: RenegadeThe Command & Conquer Remake Devs Are Making Their Own C&C: Renegade

I’m fascinated that Petroglyph are building Earthbreakers. Hybrid RTS/FPS games have never done that well in the past, even though Renegade sold 250,000 copies back in the day. There was Natural Selection and Natural Selection 2, games which I loved but were known for having a thoroughly brutal upbringing (not to mention if you tried to play Commander for the first or second time).

If you want to give Earthbreakers a whirl, you can grab the demo right here. Earthbreakers is due out sometime this year.


  • Cool. I loved Renegade back in the day, and played quite a lot of NS2 as well. Really enjoy these kinds of games, although… yeah, they never seem to do super well commercially.

    Still, as long as there’s enough local players to find matches and the devs don’t actively lose money, that’s good enough.

  • It’s funny that this makes me think Renegade was just too ahead of its time.

    Now? With games like Fortnite, Apex, Overwatch and even MOBAs combined with a faaaar better online experience than was possible back in the day, it feels like the RTS/FPS hybrid is a perfect fit.

    Watching… Intently…

  • What I want in an RTS/FPS game is where one player plays as the traditional overseer/commander role, while everyone else plays as the units.
    Chilling out on the battlefield, waiting for the commander to tell you where to go (or, going off and doing your own thing), watching defenses spring up out of nowhere. Gimme that!

  • Hmmm, I can’t seem to remember the RTS elements in Renegades. I thought it was a straight up FPS.

    • The singleplayer was a straight up shooter but the MP had two teams of 8 where there was advanced character classes, defending your harvesters and picking what vehicles you wanted to buy. RTS-lite might be a better way of thinking about it.

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