LEGO Asks Stores To Stop Advertising Police, White House Sets

LEGO Asks Stores To Stop Advertising Police, White House Sets

In recognition of everything that’s going on right now, LEGO’s actions for #BlackOutTuesday involved not just a $US4 ($6) million donation to organisations devoted to racial equality, but a request for sellers to not advertise any sets involving police or the White House.

As The Toy Book report, emails went out on Tuesday from Rakuten (who handle LEGO’s affiliate marketing) asking resellers to avoid promoting a long list of products that included police stations, police vehicles, a doughnut shop that included a police minifig and the excellent Architecture Series version of The White House (pictured above).

ImageOne of the sets LEGO asked sellers to hold advertising on was 60233, aka “LEGO City Doughnut Shop Opening”

While not specified in the original email, the request was intended to only last for one day, as part of LEGO’s #BlackOutTuesday efforts. None of the sets listed were removed from sale, sellers were simply asked not to actively promote them. 

The full list of affected products—which included other emergency services sets like a fire station—can be found at The Toy Book.


    • Doing something as a sign of support for a group of people is somehow a bad thing in your world. Take you tired old anti-decency cliche and wander back to your MOM’S BASEMENT, amirite?

      • Well it’s not going to make any difference to anything so yeah, pointless virtue signalling.

        Not that it’s any of your business but I’m a 50 year old man and my MOM has been dead for well over 10 years, so no, you’re absolutely not rite. 🙂

  • I’d say make a “President at Church Photo Op” set, but the minifig’s head wouldn’t fit in the box.

    • What, specifically, is ‘demonising’ in this context? Not having a few Lego sets appear in junk mail catalogues for a few days? lol

      • The targetted removal of police sets just adds to the unhelpful and in some cases, outright malicious attacks on those who serve, most of whom are decent community-minded folk. It sets a bad example and is a (admittedly subtle) stepping stone to the extreme views like defunding, attacking and killing cops which is being spread widely on social media.

        • I have read some silly comments today, but this one, for whatever reason is truly right at the top of the list.

          • To be fair, I corrected myself below earlier than your comment as I misread the terms of the article.

            But, if it became a more permanant concept, I would stand by my comments. Instead of removing said sets which is a negative reaction that says the company supports anti-police sentiments, why not just promote more of the inclusive sets?

            As I first stated, you are then lifting up one group, that are likely not well-represented in your toy line, without denigrating another. I don’t think any of that is unreasonable or objectional, surely?

          • The thing that these kinds of comments miss is that “lifting everybody up” doesn’t work when one of the groups is already up high and the other is downtrodden. All you’ve done, then, is reward the high group (in spite of their bad actions) while barely returning to a “normal level” the downtrodden. Now tell me, how is the group with the power not being encouraged to keep acting badly?

            Police in the US has massive power. They eat the highest percentage, by far, of their locality’s budget and persistently lobby for more, which is consistently used to further militarize themselves, a power that as has become pretty evident, they have no qualms to use on the citizenry criminal or not. They can stand to be taken down a notch and a stupid symbolic gesture like this one doesn’t even begin to do it.

        • ‘most of whom are decent community-minded folk.’

          Yeah it’s been heartening watching the thousands of arrests of violent police by their decent compatriots.

          oh wait.

      • Eh, just re-read the article (originally breezed over it from a FARK link) and realised that I missed an important factor that it was for 1 day and they were not pulled, just not promoted.

        I feel that’s more than reasonable and I was wrong in my above posts.

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