One Of The Best Gaming Monitors Just Got A Serious Discount

One Of The Best Gaming Monitors Just Got A Serious Discount
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)
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I’ve had a fair few friends ask me about gaming monitors recently, and it’s been hard not to recommend LG’s very decent 144Hz, 1ms 1440p screen. Today, that recommendation is even easier, because it just got a decent price cut.

The monitor in question is the LG 27GL850-B, currently one of the best all-rounder screens you can get for that sweet spot between resolution, refresh rate and colour accuracy. It was retailing for closer to $800 when stock first hit Australia, but with new supply finally landing on our shores, that has changed.

LG's 27GL850-B Monitor Hits The Sweet Spot

Wind back a few years and monitors were like buying an Australian internet connection. You couldn’t have fast, reliable and affordable internet - it was only two of the three. Similarly, monitors were stuck in this weird spot where you could have great colour accuracy, high refresh rates and 1440p or better resolution … if you wanted to spend a few grand. But times have changed, and screens are now starting to hit the sweet spot: good refresh rates for gaming, good response times, and decent colour accuracy out of the box at a price that regular gamers can justify paying.

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Today, you can grab the 27GL850-B for $699. That makes it one of the most affordable 1440p/1ms 144Hz screens available in Australia, and it was already one of the best to begin with. It’s available through Amazon Australia as a limited offer, after which point it’ll jump back up.

I’ve had a very close friend of mine ask me whether I’d recommend the Ultragear for their gaming needs. And given that I had no qualms in undoubtedly recommending it to him, I’d happily recommend it to you all as well. I’ll give you the same advice though: make sure you spend about half an hour getting the OSD settings to where you like it, because the out of the box settings definitely aren’t the best. (You should do that with all of your monitors, but gamers sometimes are a bit lazy.)

If you want greater detail on how it handles across a range of productivity and games, see my review in full above. And for other monitor reviews and recommendations, there’s more of those below.

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Entry level PC products, generally, tend to have similar characteristics. They're basic. They get the job done - just - and they're not known for being flashy, either in performance or looks. That's particularly true for monitors. Spend under $400 and you're faced with a low quality panel with decent refresh rate, higher resolution but garbage refresh rate and input lag, or a middle ground that doesn't really excel at anything. Samsung's CRG5 monitor buggers that orthodoxy right off.

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  • cheers Alex. bit of an impulse buy but considering my current monitor has a bunch of what ill call burn in even though its an lcd, ive been missing that sweet sweet IPS magic. now to play the waiting game.

  • LG’s nano-IPS 4K 144Hz HDR monitor should be due out in a few months for those interested in 4K gaming/productivity (like myself).

    I don’t believe it will be a HDR 1000 FALD monitor but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as it means it won’t have the $3000+ price tag of one.

    I also suspect that HDR 1000 could be painful in gaming. Personally, bloom effects (in say a Battlefield game) are uncomfortable as it is a non-HDR monitor.

  • If it’s anything like the 32″ 650 that I have (the only difference I’m aware of is the inclusion of HDR in the ‘800s), it’s absolutely terrible for high-motion games. I had to set it to 15-235 RGB to improve the “black” to “white” response time and eliminate black streaking and ghosting. Absolutely woeful side by side with my old twisted nematic BenQ display.

    • are you referring to the monitor in the article? i just set this monitor up 2 days ago side by side with my previous dell 27″ 144hz TN panel and it is better in every way except the stand (lowest position is still a little high and no swivel without swivelling the entire stand).
      as for the panel though, no ghosting to speak of or evidence of colour bleeding/trails around moving objects (which is especially evident on the dell with a purple glow around text as you scroll a webpage). excellent colour accuracy and depth. perfectly smooth in games.

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