We Are Now Entering The ‘Animal Crossing Buttplug’ Stage Of 2020

We Are Now Entering The ‘Animal Crossing Buttplug’ Stage Of 2020
Gif: buttplug.io

A lot of people around the world, especially in the US, are still stuck at home, away from friends and loved ones. Out of this isolation new ways of keeping in touch have emerged, including…buttplugs that can sync with Animal Crossing and vibrate whenever the player swings a shovel.

As Vice report, Kyle Machulis has designed a way for a buttplug to communicate with a Nintendo Switch and its haptic feedback capabilities, pairing everything together so that when an Animal Crossing character triggers that rumble (by digging a hole, or hitting something with a shovel, etc), its reflected in a vibrating buttplug.

The effect can be triggered in solo play, but there are multiplayer possibilities as well. While a visitor to your island won’t trigger haptic feedback by hitting you, falling into a hole — like, say, after stepping on a pitfall seed — will.

So long as you’re flailing around in that hole, the buttplug will keep vibrating, which Machulis describes as “basically whappin’ the orgasm button until someone’s done.”

You can try this out for yourself at the project’s Github page, which is equipped with the very handy welcome text “maybe you just saw someone tweeting a sex toy working with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and were wondering what the fuck was going on?”


  • “A lot of people around the world, especially in the US, are still stuck at home”. Umm, really? I thought a lot of people in the US were going to the beach, protesting and attending Trump rallies.

  • Also, despite that tweet, that’s not a buttplug, it’s a Lovense Lush (version 1) and it’s primarily designed for a different hole. Not that anyone’s stopping you shoving it wherever you like, of course. #playyourway

    • We get it, you’re afraid of anything other than the missionary position with a woman under the covers with the lights off.

  • That moment when you realise 2020 has been so rubbish this is about the only thing I have read in a few days that could be considered a feel good story.

  • This article is almost as bad as that article by Jed Whitaker who stuck a joycon up his rectum and wrote an article about it on vice.

  • I came across Kotaku probably around 2012 or 2013. It was a pretty good gaming and news website.

    Happy to say goodbye ???? to this place in 2020. Hope everyone can make the best of this year and can get their hands on a next gen if they want one ✌️ (Ps5 for me 😉 laters.

    • Sounds like someone hasn’t got a sense of humour?!

      It’s just silly story about the biggest game on the market this year. It’s no worse than all the other stories game sites sometimes cover about playing X game with Y some silly object.

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