All The Best Friends In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, And What They Can Do

All The Best Friends In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, And What They Can Do

Visiting neighbouring islands is a true joy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While travelling, you can pick up new fruits, furniture items and more — but you’re limited in what tools you can use unless you’re ‘best friends’ with the island’s owner. Here’s how to make best friends, and what abilities that status gives you.

You can visit your friends in Animal Crossing via the airport in your town. One of you will need to open your island gates, which allows anyone on your Nintendo Switch friends list to come visit. (Side note: It’s usually polite to bring your native fruit as a gift when travelling to see friends.)

Once you’re both connected, you’ll be able to request the ‘best friends’ status via your NookPhone — just select ‘Best Friends List’ to see a list of people on your island, then tap their icon.

animal crossing best friends

Once you become best friends with another player, you’ll be able to do a whole lot more on their island. Best friends gain access to the shovel and axe tools while visiting, meaning that they can dig holes and cut down trees. You’ll want to trust them not to ruin your island before you give them best friend status, but it can also be easily taken away if they abuse it.

In addition to new, more destructive capabilities, best friends can plant trees and flowers, hit rocks for resources, dig for fossils and strike trees for wood.

They can also message each other if they’re both online via a chat system that broadcasts important messages across the airways.

So go on, tell your best friends how you really feel — and make sure to steal a fossil or two from their island on your way out.

How To Start Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Adventure

Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn't like other Animal Crossing games. Rather than starting players out with an immediate grind in unfamiliar territory, the bulk of New Horizons' gameplay unfolds over the course of several days. Players are tasked with building many of the major shops, houses and utilities for their islands, making the game more involving than ever before. While you don't have to stick to this guide, these are the major tasks you should undertake in the first days of your Animal Crossing adventure.

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  • Someone explain Animal Crossing to me.. what games is it similar to, what should I expect, etc? Never played it before and it’s blowing up quicker than Corona right now

    • It’s similar to stardew valley but there’s no farming. Rather, focus is on catching bugs, fish, digging up fossils, exploring and paying back a loan.
      Unlike other games, it uses a 24 hour real time cycle (similar to Pokemon Let’s go). Bugs and fish change depending on the time of day, weather and season.
      New to this animal crossing is the ability to craft items and furniture as well as being able to move residents and facilities (including a museum, store, tailor and possibly more)

      • Lack of farming hurts me a little (OG Harvest Mooner here)

        Fishing, excavation and exploration are a plus.

        Crafting you say? That I can get my head around. Does one have to gather materials, or are they simply bought?

        • Gather. Certain projects, like the store and bridge, require certain elements like stone, clay, wood(there’s 3 types) and iron. These can only be gathered. The base tools can be bought from the resident services. They break after some use though.

          Main things to do are:
          Fill the museum with bugs, fish and fossils
          Gather all five(six with coconuts) and create an Orchard.
          Collect all the flowers and cross breed them for different colours and varieties
          Complete public projects (shops, bridges, steps)
          Build and craft your own furniture
          Decorate your house (and upgrade, pay back, upgrade, pay back, upgrade, pay back)
          Visit other people and steal their stuff (=P Can’t actually do this if you don’t know them)
          Visit uncharted items to gather crafting components and invite villagers to live on your island.
          Participate in competitions(iirc from previous ones, fishing, bug catching, egg hunts etc)
          Above all, make money and pay off your loan. But they buy everything

          • Sold. I can live with the loss of farming. It reminds me of a little bit of “My Time at Portia”. I likey

          • It’s very much a play a bit at a time game. A lot of people are powering through it, but there is a lot of waiting. So when you place the museum, you need to wait until the next day for it to be built.

          • I forgot to mention the clothes. You can buy or design your own clothes. People have done some amazing stuff in it

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