Save $30 And Get The Complete Bioshock Series On Switch

Save $30 And Get The Complete Bioshock Series On Switch
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If you’re looking for some cheap Nintendo Switch games, would you kindly turn your attention to Amazon where you can currently get Bioshock: The Collection for $58. That’s just over $30 off the RRP, and $20 to $30 less than competitive retailers, like JB Hifi and EB Games.

This is a fantastic collection, featuring two of the best games from the previous console generation, the remastered version of Bioshock and BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition. You also get all the DLCs for each game, including Infinite‘s Burial At Sea missions and the fantastic Minerva’s Den, the only worthwhile thing about Bioshock 2.

If you’ve never engaged with the series, I think the first Bioshock and Infinite are both games that everyone should try at least once. (A sentiment I’m not alone on, I’m sure.) They’re the type of games where every single part of them manages to click together in a way that makes it feel as though everything is firing on all cylinders. And Bioshock 2 is also there, I guess.

While I personally don’t think Infinite totally holds up on a replay (it’s still great, though), I can, and will, absolutely smash through the first Bioshock again and again.

If you’re a longtime fan of the series and you like the sound of being able to play on the go, so you can get stomped by a Big Daddy while riding the bus, you’ll enjoy yourself with The Collection.

If it’s been a hot minute since you’ve played the first two games, these remastered editions are a sight to behold. The underwater, art-deco, dystopia of Rapture has never looked more grungy and nightmarish. Meanwhile, the airborne Americana of Infinite‘s Columbia is as breathtaking as you remember.

If you’re looking for more cheap collections to bulk up your collection of Switch games, you can also grab the Borderlands Legendary Collection for $58.

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