Telstra Has a New Deal on NBN 100 Plans

Telstra Has a New Deal on NBN 100 Plans
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If you’re on the hunt for a new NBN 100 plan, Telstra’s latest offering might be of some interest.

Telstra has cut the price of its NBN 100 plan for new customers by $20 per month for the first three months they’re with Telstra. Using the promo will giving you a total savings of $60. It normally retails for $110, which brings the introductory pricing down to $90.

Here’s a look at Telstra’s NBN 100 Plan:

The plan itself is contract-free but there’s a catch. If you cancel within your first 24 months, you’ll need to pay out the remaining value of your modem. This is equivalent to $9 multiplied by the amount of months left in the two-year term. However, the included modem has 4G backup in the event of an NBN outage which is always useful.

Due to certain restrictions, Telstra only offers its NBN 100 plans to FTTP and HFC customers. If you qualify, signing-up online will help you waive the $99 connection fee and you’ll even get a free month of Foxtel Now.

The $20 discount is available until 31 August , but the Foxtel Now promo ends on 30 July.

If you’re still not sold, it might be worth recalling that Telstra’s topped the NBN list when it comes to streaming Netflix. You can read all about it here.

Here’s how Telstra’s NBN plan compares to the competition:


    • Same for me. I was on Telstra HFC before NBN came in. Saw TPG was cheaper but spoke to Telstra before switching and they matched the price. I technically got an upgrade because NBN plan had higher upload speed than my previous HFC plan.

  • The problem with that is that you’ll have to deal with Telstra. As a person who just cancelled their Telstra service, that’s something I’m never willing to do ever again. Telstra is terrible. TPG has 1000x better customer service. And their internet plans are cheaper, they’re permanently $90 for 100mbps, not just for 3 months. And as someone on FTTN who gets about 90mbps, I wouldn’t even be able to sign up to the 100mbps plan anyway. I can on TPG though. Screw Telstra.

  • lol, it’s not a good thing they are pulling again. First they didn’t allow 100/40 plans and now they are with a discount for your info. Until the prices have dropped in general (down to 50% of what is current), don’t pay them any attention. We require high speend 100% efficient internet access in general these days.

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