Community Review: Fall Guys

Community Review: Fall Guys

It’s always a nice problem to have — your game being way, way more popular than anyone ever anticipated.

Out of all the things Devolver has published, it’s kind of cute — and very on brand — for Fall Guys to be their most successful title. The amount of interest in Mediatonic’s jelly bean royale has resulting in a rolling server issues, so much so that there’s now an official notice on the Steam page.

Which is unfortunate, but it’s also a great sign in 2020, on the verge of a new console generation, that indie games can still have astronomical success. It’s 2020’s version of Rocket League in a way. And with how deeply miserable this year has been on so many fronts, Fall Guys‘ chaotic energy and the glee everyone gets from its brand of competitive arsehattery is just delightful.

I’ve seen some complaints about how Fall Guys is a bit too reliant on RNG in some stages. But that’s what the game is — that’s part of its charm and also its accessibility. Not every game needs to be built around skill ceilings or high degrees of mastery. Fall Guys is pure chaos, and I love it all the more for it.

For those of you who grabbed Fall Guys last week, how have you found the game — and how many wins have you had so far?


    • PS+ gave it a massive boost for sure. But there was a lot of anticipation for this game and it had a couple of massive beta weekends on steam.
      Tonne of streamers playing it getting eyes on the game.
      Game would’ve been big without PS+

  • I like the game and the BR randomness, but I want to see content built for friends playing in smaller groups of 4-16 or so.

    At its current clip, I don’t give the game more than 2 months.

  • I’ve never been so happy being so frustrated in my life…

    It’s good fun, my only gripe with it is they have team based mini-games come up on odd numbered player rounds… making most team matches uneven. Surely they could have sorted that out.

    • This is so annoying, it would be a simple fix in the level select code, if players remaining are divisible by 2 then you can play fall ball, if divisible by 3 the ball roll one, or hoopsie daisy, divisible by 4, then what ever that 4 player one is (the one that hardly ever turns up), else don’t have a team game.

      Or have an option to queue and not have team games.

      The thing that is frustrating me the most at the moment is that I have only seen Royal Fumble (tail chase) and Hexagone for the last 38 finals (probably more since I only started keeping a tally when I realised I wasn’t seeing fall mountain). Last night I had 9 consecutive finals be hexagone before I turned off. I was just seeing the same levels over and over and over which was getting boring, I haven’t seen the curse/plague level since launch day.

  • As a self-confessed platforming nut, it is awesome to finally be able compete in a battle royal that I can truly play competitively. Yes there is quite a bit of randomness in the team games but after playing for a day I have learnt that you can buy yourself a lot of favour by using certain strategies (holding mid in the soccer minigame for example).
    If they continue to support the game with more minigames and content, I can see this game being in my constant rotation.

  • I have a giggle at this game in short stints. My only complaints are that I seem to suffer from a bit of input lag of varying degrees, and I really wish there was a split-screen option for local multi because I’d love to be able to play with my partner.

  • Was having fun finallY got to the second round And then the servers crashed and kicked me off haven’t touched it since

  • It’s a game I’m so happy with, despite being terrible at it.
    I’ve won 3 times, and all of them have been flukes.

  • I really can’t decide if I should buy this game or not. On one hand it seems like some hilarious fun to play with friends over a few beers, but I’m getting pretty turned off by all the talk of server issues, some terrible mini games, and maps becoming repetitive/boring really quickly.
    Help me decide!

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