We’ll Finally See Nvidia’s New GPUs Very Soon (Update: September 2)

We’ll Finally See Nvidia’s New GPUs Very Soon (Update: September 2)
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your PC with a new GPU for Cyberpunk 2077 or something else this year, finally the options are starting to emerge. Nvidia has begun teasing the official announcement of its upcoming Ampere line of GPUs, preparing people for a launch in “21 days”.

Update 11:20pm AEST: Nvidia has just informed press that the “GeForce Special Event” will be held on September 2, 2:00am AEST / 4:00am NZST / midnight AWST. “During the event, [Nvidia CEO Jensen] Huang will highlight the company’s latest innovations in gaming and graphics,” Nvidia says.

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The timeframe, teased in a new banner photo for the Nvidia GeForce Twitter account, would mean we’d get an announcement on August 31, so September 1 Australian time. The timeframe matches up with roughly when the RTX 2000 series was launched, which coincided with Gamescom.

So far, the rumours have solidified around a mid-September release for the first of Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs. WCCFtech are reporting that the replacement for the RTX 2080 Ti — the new consumer gaming flagship, in other words — will launch first, which is exactly what Nvidia did with the RTX 2080 Ti’s release. That mirrors a similar launch window given to Gamers Nexus from their own industry sources, too.

Three cards are expected to be available when the Ampere GPUs are announced. While the current understanding is that Nvidia will roll with the RTX 3000 naming convention, chances are they could skip a beat (like the 700 series to 900 series GPUs) and go for something totally different. In any case, it’s typically the gaming flagship and the two cards immediately underneath it which tend to get launched first. So that’d be a replacement for the 2080 Ti, 2080 Super and 2070 Super, with the next-gen 2060 equivalent and GTX-class entry level GPUs more likely to emerge sometime in 2021.

One Ampere product has been announced already, although it’s not a gaming GPU. It was the A100 Accelerator, unveiled in May when Jensen Huang pulled the thing out of his oven.

There’s some slightly crazy rumours being thrown around in terms of what the Ampere GPUs will actually have, with talk of 16GB, 20GB and 24GB VRAM on the higher end cards. (For comparison, the RTX 2080 Ti is an 11GB card.) Either way, I’ll just be looking forward to something that can power a game like Control with every element of ray tracing enabled, instead of having to make trade-offs. Also, having GPUs that can comfortably power those new 360Hz monitors would be very nice.


  • Pricing is gonna be interesting, with a worldwide depression/recession looming, and maybe competition from AMD this time, they may not be able to make as much per card as in the past.

    • Nah, they’ll make an absolute killing. The founders cards will sell out immediately — AIO partners might not do so well though. But there’s a scarcity and demand, coupled with how much extra time people have spent gaming lately PLUS the hype around Cyberpunk 2077 and next-gen games, that’s going to go ballistic.

    • Not much has changed in value yet, in fact a lot of electronics have gone up in price due to reduced production capability.

      At best, hope for equivalent pricing.

  • I’m in the market for a new video card, and I’ll be waiting until the 3000 series launches before getting one. Not because I want a 3000 series – they’ll be way out of my price range – but because the price of the 2000 series should drop so I should be able to pick up a decent one.

      • Then the 3000 series will be selling at the same price as the 2000 series and that wouldn’t make any sense. If they replace the current 2000 line with the 3000 at the same price then the 2000 series will need to drop in price. Either way, I’m banking on a decent price drop on the 2000s.

    • 2080 Ti here too, paired with a 1440p 144hz monitor. I’m really keen to move to 4K but want to wait for the monitors which supposed 120-144hz, have HDR 1000 and the like (and without the messy drop to 422 chroma that the current options have).

      I suspect the thing that could tempt me to upgrade to the 3080 series would be if the ray tracing support is SO much better that it could do 1440p at better framerates while doing high quality ray tracing. Maybe?

    • Keep in mind the 3000 series is going to use a different size PCIe slot so there’s a high chance you may need to replace your motherboard if you want one.

      • I do believe this is a misread by you on something and taking it too much as fact.
        1. It was the PCIe power cable from PSU that was rumoured to change
        2. Like i say above, “rumoured”

        Havent heard any rumors about PCIe slots themselves. No reason whatsoever for them to change, even less so than the power cable one which is very barely even plausibly needed.

  • Who wants to play the 3080Ti price sweepstakes?

    I am guessing around $2.5k to $2.7k price mark, 2080Ti sells for around the $2300 at the moment, it’ll be a near guarantee that it’ll be pricier than the last gen.

  • 2080TI still priced at $1600-700AUD new which is kinda silly. Should have been cut by $400aud by now.
    These 30 series were meant to be able to be made cheaper but that was before shit hit the fan. If AMD EVER wanted a better time to crush NVIDIA’s control over the discrete GPU market, 2020 would be it!

    • Are you sure youre not talking about RTX 2080 Supers?

      Most 2080 TI Ive seen in the market will set you back around 2k to 2.4k AUD right now.
      Not counting pre owned stuff on ebay/amazon which I frankly don’t bother with coz of the chances it might be fake.

    • You need to check current retail prices, 2080TI is actually more expensive now than when it was released. The prices you quoted are closer to what 2080 Super is going for in Australia.

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