Steam Glitch Temporarily Removed Some Games, Purchases From Accounts


Last night a temporary glitch hit some Steam users in the worst way possible, removing games and additional purchases like DLC from some player’s libraries.

It affected all kinds of games, from Red Dead Redemption 2 to Fallout 4, with the only common trait seemingly being that they were all titles that were on sale for one reason for another.

Users would try to find games in their library and…they were gone. And if they tried visiting that game’s store page to launch from there, they’d be prompted to buy the game they’d already bought.

The good news is that the issue was resolved in a few hours, and all that was required was a Steam reboot:

The bad news is that, holy shit, it is very easy to lose access to things that have cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars when you’re not holding the actual game in your hand.


  • Crazy timing, I bought New Vegas + Fallout 3 both in a Steam Sale back in Nov 2015 and hadn’t played them ever since I’d already finished them both on console. Yesterday I had an itch to play them again so thought I’d do it on PC and ran smack bang into this bug…. annoyed the shit out of me trying to get them to install / run and watching them disappear from my library and not know what the hell was going on lol. Thankfully I gave up pretty quick and the next time I looked that evening they were back again, glad to see there was a reason for it and I wasn’t just going crazy. 🙂

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