Japanese Hotel Chain Has Pokémon Rooms

The Mimaru hotel chain has locations in Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. While most of its rooms are apartment-type hotel rooms, what makes Mimaru stand out is its special rooms that are covered in Pokémon.

Not only are there Poké Balls emblazoned on the walls and beds, but there are also Pocket Monster plushies, dishes, mugs clocks, and snacks!

These particular rooms can be reserved at the locations in Tokyo’s Ueno East, Ueno Okachimachi, Hatchobori, Ueno North, and Ginza East as well as Kyoto’s Karasuma Oike North, Kyoto Station, Nishinotoin Takatsuji, Kawaramachigojo, and Shinmachi Sanjo. (The Osaka locations, sadly, don’t have Pokémon.)

The rooms are around 28,350 yen ($366) per night.

Once Japan opens up to international visitors again, if you like Pokémon, this might be a good place to stay.

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