How Much You’ll Pay For Third-Party RTX 3090, 3080 Cards In Australia

3080 australia
Image: Nvidia

Getting a Founders Edition RTX card is pretty damn hard anywhere in the world. So if you’re looking for an RTX 3080 or 3090 in Australia, you’ll need to buy a third-party model instead. And as you’d expect, the prices for those can vary. A lot.

Update 25/09: This story has been updated with AIB pricing for the RTX 3090. Some listings and prices for RTX 3080 cards has also been updated.

While Nvidia outlined the MSRPs for their Founders Edition cards — $809 for the RTX 3070, $1139 for the RTX 3080 and $2429 for the RTX 3090 — there’s nothing forcing third-party partners to stick to those prices. Often, the real cost to the end user is much higher.

And given the enormous amount of interest in the RTX 30-series cards, the partner cards are going for broke. Literally.

rtx 3080
Image: Computer Alliance

Above is a shot from Computer Alliance, one of the many Australian e-retailers selling partner cards. As you can see, RTX 3080 models can be massively over the $1139 that Nvidia was charging. That’s a byproduct of supply and demand — there’s not a lot of cards, especially once bots and cooking groups get involved, and the amount of interest around gaming PCs and upgrades this year has been at an all-time high.

So to help out, here’s how much you’ll pay at most of the major Australian retailers for RTX 3080 and 3090 models. We’ll update as more prices become available, and in mid-October when the RTX 3070 arrives down under.

PLE Computers: RTX 3080, RTX 3090 Pricing

Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku Australia)

Based primarily out of Western Australia with a single store in Victoria, PLE Computers are offering the closest boards to RRP pricing at the time of writing. As you’d expect, stock is pretty much out of everything, so any orders will be allocated to future shipments.

PLE is advising that the next major shipment will arrive in around six weeks, so if you missed out before, then you aren’t likely to get a card until late October or early November. Just keep that in mind.

RTX 3080

If you’re wondering what the difference between the boards is, the answer is generally power. The higher priced models are generally designed to eek out a bit of extra performance by pushing more power. The MSI Gaming X Trio, according to one review, sucked as much as 450 watts when overclocked and the fans are going at full blast. Runs pretty cool, though.

PC Case Gear: RTX 3080, 3090 Pricing

3080 australia
Image: PC Case Gear

Shortages are so extreme that all listings on the PC Case Gear website say “your preorder can be cancelled at any time”. Update: This just means you can cancel your preorder should things get delayed by, say, months. (Thanks Alexander in the comments!)

RTX 3080

RTX 3090

The Gigabyte, ASUS and MSI prices all look about the same. I think you’re either buying one of those cards, or going for ZOTAC/eVGA at this point.

Scorptec: RTX 3080, 3090 Pricing

One of the major Victorian retailers, Scorptec has 12 RTX 3080 models on sale. Naturally, there aren’t any models available at the time of writing — everything is on back order.

RTX 3080

RTX 3090

Umart: RTX 3080 Pricing

One of the bigger retailers on the East Coast, Umart has fairly slim pickings with only five models up for preorder.

RTX 3080

RTX 3090

Umart’s pricing has dropped this past week. Funny that.

Mwave: RTX 3080 Pricing

3080 australia
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku Australia)

The only retailer to have Founders Edition cards, the Sydney-based Mwave has seven separate models (not counting the FE 3080). The next round of stock isn’t expected until October, according to the notes on each listing.

RTX 3080

RTX 3090

Some of the Gigabyte RTX 3090’s are still available for preorder too, although you’d have to seriously question why you’d pay so far over the odds.


MSY’s website notes that they’ve sold out of their initial stock, and there’s no listings up on their site. One user on the r/nvidia subreddit noted that the company isn’t expecting to have the 30-series cards back in stock for two or three months. A search on site and scouring their new products list didn’t reveal any RTX 3090 cards either.

Computers & Parts Land (CPL)

rtx 3090
Image: CPL

Another Victorian-based retailer, CPL has several RTX 3080 models up for sale. Most are around the same price range, although the ASUS ROG Strix is pushing almost RTX 2080 Ti-launch levels of pricing.

RTX 3080

Do not pay $1699 for an RTX 3080.

RTX 3090


Another Victorian retailer, Centercom only has one listing for the 3090, although they are also selling prebuilt systems. Also, the company is still doing the “don’t pay” bargain trick on cards that were just announced last night. The ACCC typically takes a dim view of such behaviour, so hopefully they knock it off soon.


Despite the retailers global reach — Newegg has more models available for offer than any other retailer — all of Newegg’s RTX 3080 stock is also out. The prices are surprisingly competitive and, in case you haven’t been on Newegg for ages, they’re also GST inclusive. Don’t forget to factor in shipping, though.

RTX 3080

RTX 3090


So if you want a RTX 3080 or RTX 3090 in Australia, and you missed your chances with the Founders Edition raffle, this is what it’ll really cost you. I’ll update this story again when pricing for the 3070 cards becomes available.

Were there any stores or listings missed that you think we should include? Let us know in the comments!


  • PLE: Cheap for Zotac and (weirdly) EVGA
    UMart: Gouging by about $100-200
    Computer Alliance: ….no, just no (gouging by $200-400)

    For everything else, there’s RRP – AIB RRP, not Founders Edition.

    • Also worth noting that Mwave (the only store with an allocation of Founders Edition cards) has said that they only got 1 allocation of FE cards and after the raffle no more are expected to come to Australia at all.

      So these prices are the new normal (gouging aside), don’t expect much at the $1139 point that nvidia floated.

      • Raffle that have no winners coming forward at all. Everyone is thinking the raffle is a bogus and it all went to friends and family.

  • “Shortages are so extreme that all listings on the PC Case Gear website say “your preorder can be cancelled at any time”. I’d be fuming if that happened to me.”

    You misinterpreted this, they’re saying the consumer can cancel their own preorder at any time if it takes too long.

  • Just your regular reminder to not shop at MSY

    They have been taken to court ACCC and sanctioned twice for refusing to adhere to Australian consumer rules.

    Do not support this company.

  • At least PLE is being fair.
    6+ wk wait however for a pre-order…. I don’t think I’ll bother until after AMD’s conference, just to be sure they don’t have something worth considering (Be a nice surprise for once!)

    • PLE seems almost too good to be true. I half expect them to jack up prices with everyone flocking to them for cards with a reasonable price. I’m torn between ordering now, just in case, and waiting for more info on the 3070 and AMDs offerings.

  • PLE needs to be given props for how they’ve handled this launch. The only retailer to actually sell all cards at their RRP. Apparently the suppliers here all charged the expected ‘Australia tax’ but EVGA were much more reasonable. PLE then passed these savings onto customers unlike some other retailers.

  • I got my MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ventus 3X for $1379 Friday (launch day) morning. A few hours later, they increased the pricing as listed above. They have now priced all the cards at $1599. I have no clue why they increased again and all at the same price.

  • Hey two things:

    1. Thanks for doing this Aus specific content on the RTX 3080 pricing and where to buy. No other website I’ve found has been providing this info

    2. Any chance you could do follow ups with at least some of the major outlets listed above or with the partner card vendors themselves on Australia specific restock plans? Even if it is estimated ranges. I know some of the above outlets have been much better than others at providing some updates on stock timings, but restock volumes would be helpful to manage expectations (I have a preorder in with Mwave for a RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio and have no idea when it might be fulfilled) Thx!!

  • My adventure could be helpful to someone. I pre ordered the Zotac 3080 trinity from PLE at midnight launch night after checking it was compatible with EK water block’s reference PCB Quantum Vector 3080/90 gpu waterblock which I also pre ordered at the same time. Jobs done I thought now just need to wait. Then the next day I notice on EKWB configurator site that the Zotac 3080 Trinity had beeen dropped from the Quantum Vector 3080 waterblock compatibility list and there is a post on EKWB facebook page says cancel your order immediately. A little digging (thanks mostly to buildzoids pcb breakdown video on youtube) and the Zotac is incompatible with the water block because its not reference, its actually worse than reference according to buildzoid in terms of power delivery and components in comparison to “reference” 3080’s. So okay cancel order with EK for the water block but Zotac specific block is on the way from EK and my preorder must be one of the first in queue being within an hour of launch, I’ll wait. I then email EKWB customer service for a time frame for the Zotac specific 3080 block and after a bit of back and forth the guy says there isn’t one planned it won’t happen tells me to cancel my order for the Zotac it’s crap theres better 3080’s coming worth waiting for. So I cancel my order with PLE for theZotac 3080 trinity sad face. Then I get another email from him saying sorry there will be a block for the Zotac FYI but don’t worrythe new 3080 variants are much better and worth months waiting let the dust settle you’ll be right mate so thats where im at now. It’s nice to have the 1500 bucks back in my account but having a water cooled 3080 would be nice too but I’ll wait and see.

    • Looks like from that whole list there is only 2 cards compatible with the first 3080/90 water block from EK and thats the PNY 3080 and the PNY 3090

    • Honestly though that is to be expected if your planning a self build since the founders card is a fair bit of a departure from the previous cards build and partner cards would be even more different.

      I wouldn’t bank on any 3rd party blocks this close to the release anyway… they need time to engineer proper water blocks and check which builds are worth investing in making a block for.

      • There’s a substantial list of reference pcb cards compatible with the EK block just none of them are available in Australia apart from the PNY. Many more pcb variants to come different components on the same pcb even, bit odd.

  • So judging from pricing the 3080 is basically being sold on the old 2080 and 2080 super tier, 3090 is our replacement for the 2080ti.

    Honestly hype aside you are still getting a significant boost if you are looking at the price range bracket they are being sold as (i mean lets be real of course the 3080 wasnt going to be completely double the ti at that price point.. the 3090 is the better comparison) even more so if you skipped the 20xx range

  • And now you have to check to make sure the card you order has the right capacitors on it (MLCCs) because a bunch of card manufacturers cheaped out and used all POSCAPs which are causing interfeence issues and making the cards crash to desktop.

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