A New Look At Sackboy On PS5 Shows Off A Delightful Platforming Adventure

A New Look At Sackboy On PS5 Shows Off A Delightful Platforming Adventure
Image: Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a next gen PS5 game exploring the joy of the LittleBigPlanet universe. Thanks to the game’s latest trailer, we’ve gotten a great new look at what Sackboy is all about. At its core, it’s pure classic platforming and it looks absolutely delightful.

Whether you love Sackboy or not, it’s hard to deny he’s an iconic part of PlayStation history. There was a time when he was everywhere — you can even still nab keychains of him dressed as iconic PlayStation characters like Delsin Rowe, Nathan Drake and Aloy. While LittleBigPlanet hasn’t made much of an impact over the past few years, Sackboy is officially back in his shiniest adventure yet.

The new trailer for A Big Adventure reintroduces Sackboy with a look at the history of the LittleBigPlanet franchise and all the new and colourful levels players can expect from the upcoming game. There’s a classic rollerball-style level, monster platforms with snapping teeth, a magic carpet ride and a very bouncy-looking swinging levels. Everything can be played with a mate in co-op, or you can go it alone. The trailer is a dazzling showcase for next gen.

Sackboy has a brand new moveset this go around, so there’s plenty new to learn as well. In the trailer, Sackboy showed off a new Crash Bandicoot-style spin attack, throwing abilities, a jumping hover and a sick-looking bodyslam. You’ll need to master them all to solve puzzles and advance.

The worlds of A Big Adventure look absolutely magical and they’re sure to pop on the PS5.

You can check out the wholesome new trailer below:

Preorder bonuses for the game have also been revealed alongside the trailer. They include awesome costumes for Sackboy resembling Connor from Detroit: Become Human, Sam Porter Bridges from Death Stranding, Jin from Ghost of Tsushima and Deacon St. John from Days Gone.

Check them out, they’re totally adorable:

sackboy special edition costumes

Once again, it’s Sackboy’s time to shine. Get ready for the next big platformer.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a launch title for PlayStation 5. It’s set for release on November 12.


  • Does it REALLY look like a PS5 game.. I mean.. really? Yes the worlds will be in 4K and it’ll run at 60 fps, but it’s not exactly making me go.. wow.. NEED. PS5.

    For all intents and purposes, it’s basically the PS5 Knack. It might play better and be awesome (I hope it is cause I am an old school LBP fan) but it just feels like it’s there to tick a box.

    • Or it’s just being made with the fans of LBP in mind. No need to push the graphical envelope with this sort of game especially if there are other enhancements in place.

    • Sackboy isn’t a graphical juggernaut, and its not exclusive to the PS5, its also coming to PS4.

      Its nothing like knack….

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