A Few Alt-Reality Takes On Smash’s Latest Character Reveal

A Few Alt-Reality Takes On Smash’s Latest Character Reveal

Last week, Nintendo revealed that Steve Minecraft of Minecraft fame will be the next character added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. As is often the case, some folks were excited, some weren’t.

More importantly, eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed a particularly memeable moment in the reveal trailer, wherein Steve crashes through a cave wall and intimidates Mario (pictured above). There sure is a lot of space on the left there… say, for someone to edit in an entirely different fighting game character?

I mean, what’s more intimidating than Akuma’s Raging Demon?

And lord knows Spencer’s Bionic Arm has decimated many a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 opponent.

I’d probably have the same reaction if I was on the receiving end of a Doctor Doom footdive.

Under Night In-Birth’s Merkava just wants a hug… probably.

Fireballs aren’t gonna help you against Akatsuki Blitzkampf bruiser Blitztank…

…or the dimension-hopping shenanigans of Guilty Gear wildcard Faust, either.

Even Bardock from Dragon Ball FighterZ got in on the action.

Hisui was beating people down with chairs in Melty Blood long before Aerith used furniture as a weapon in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In what probably constitutes the most obscure reference in this blog, someone utilised an oddly menacing Beatrice animation from the Umineko-based fighting game series Ougon Musou Kyoku.

And while Kiryu isn’t in a fighting game (yet — here’s looking at you Virtua Fighter), I couldn’t resist including his joyous stride in this roundup.

Look, you might not be excited about Steve Minecraft joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; heck, I would have picked No More Heroes protagonist Travis Touchdown rather than relegating him to a Mii costume myself. But the existence of image editing means you can create a parallel universe in which the Smash roster caters entirely to your own strange interests. Have at it!

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