PS5 Launch Game Destruction All-Stars Delayed To February

PS5 Launch Game Destruction All-Stars Delayed To February
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Destruction All-Stars, one of a handful of planned launch titles for the PlayStation 5, will no longer be available even close to day one. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, it’ll be available some time in February 2021. On the plus side, it’ll be available for two months at no additional cost to members of PS Plus. (Before today’s news, it was planned as a $98 release.)

First announced during a winter Sony event, Destruction All-Stars is an action derby game in which you, well, destroy other derby cars. You can also get out of your car for some good old-fashioned punching and drop-kicking. It looks suitably bonkers, and has some serious Rocket League vibes. Kotaku’s Zack Zweizen pointed to it as one of the games he was most looking forward to on the new machine. (Sorry, Zack!)

This news reduces the already thin PS5 launch line-up — at least compared to PlayStations past. Among other remaining titles, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure — both of which will be available for the PS4 as well — will still be available at launch. As will the shiny remake of Demon’s Souls. Of course, Sony says the lion’s share of the PS4 catalogue will be backward compatible. And plenty of third-party games, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Destiny: Beyond Light, will be available day one, too.


  • i dont think too many people will be worried based on what ive read fom others, the game doesnt sem to have much interest

  • Kind of off topic, but these slim launch day games choice (and with the reduction of this is even thinner) is showing me that, while I am all for new consoles, I am beginning to wonder if the console or game makers REALLY know what to do with this generation to give us a new experience..

    I am sure it’ll come but it doesn’t look like it will for a couple of years.. You could argue this is always the case, but I look back to the X360 launch and see things like PGR3, Fight Night and remember going WOW.. next gen. Even this current gen I remember seeing Forza 5 and even Killzone and being amazed..

    This gen we get an up-ressed DLC Spiderman (which is coming to current gen anyway), a remake of Demon’s Souls (which can only run @ 30fps in 4K?) and xbox has… anyway..

    It just doesn’t seem like these consoles really justify the moniker ‘next gen’ a lot. I am sure I’ll enjoy both of them and they’ll have creature comforts which I will get used to and won’t be able to do without, but remember when you went from one gen to the next and there was NO WAY the new game could run on the machine you were leaving behind?

    OK rant over.

    • The next gen is giving me flashbacks to the start of the current gen.
      No substantial exclusives out of the gate, a lot of cross gen titles and a new Assassins Creed game to kick things off.

      Hopefully by the time I get through Valhalla, Legion, Miles Morales and Demon Souls, the next gen version of Cyberpunk will be ready.

  • I’m really glad they’ve done this. The game looks fun, but it’s not one I’m looking at buying at launch. I do want to play it, but the high game prices have put me off buying games that I’m kinda interested in.

    Considering this looks to be at it’s best with multiplayer, giving as many people access to the game should really give it a boost.

  • Oh, and as for launch day line ups, does anyone remember the SNES launch? There were four or five games and that lasted for a long time, I do believe the N64 was similar.

    • Yeah but.. Super Mario World and F-Zero?! Talk about quality over quantity. And games which weren’t possible on the previous gen!

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