Soundtrack By Twitch Will Let Streamers Feature Licensed Music, Finally

Soundtrack By Twitch Will Let Streamers Feature Licensed Music, Finally
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After years of waiting, takedown notices and copyright claims, the music nightmare might finally be over for Twitch streamers. Soundtrack by Twitch is a new feature set for rollout over the coming weeks allowing every Twitch creator to feature licensed music within their streams. There is a minor catch here: only 30 approved independent labels and distributors are part of the new deal.

Still, this will give streamers access to more than a million tracks readymade for their Twitch streams. Labels already signed on to the beta program include SoundCloud, Alpha Pup, DistroKid, Empire, Westwood Recordings, Nuclear Blast and United Masters with more set to join Soundtrack by Twitch as the program grows. The focus here is on indie labels and the ability to discover new artists to share with your mates.

“We believe that Twitch is a companion platform to SoundCloud in that we are both passionate about helping creators make a living through their audiences online, on their own terms,” said Jeff Ponchick, Head of Repost at SoundCloud in a press release provided to Kotaku Australia. “We are excited to partner with such a like-minded platform In an effort to build towards a uniform goal of creator empowerment.”

Soundtrack will be available for all Twitch streamers (whether they’re partner, affiliate or just a casual streamer) and includes a bunch of options. There’s a playlist mode to queue up some chill beats and curated tracks from a variety of genres including metal, hip hop, R&B and more via the Station rotation. There’s even a classic “beats to stream to” playlist perfect for setting the right vibes. Each playlist and station is curated by Twitch staff, streamers and partners for the perfect background music.

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At the conclusion of broadcasts using Soundtrack by Twitch, any music played via this interface will be stripped out to avoid copyright claims on other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. This way, streamers avoid the inevitable takedowns content is often hit with and can freely share their videos across the web.

Soundtrack by Twitch will offer streaming integration via OBS, Streamlabs and Twitch Studio with streamers able to easily select and play tunes during stream set-up. Once it rolls out, it’s just a matter of adding another source for your stream and getting down to boogie.

Soundtrack by Twitch is launching in beta form for OBS on PC today with Twitch Studio and Streamlabs coming at a later date. Stay tuned for the latest updates and join the waitlist at the Twitch Soundtrack hub.

This program is a monumental effort and one that’s set to make waves in the world of streaming. With music becoming more accessible on the platform, expect the good vibes to kick off and keep rolling.


  • A lot of react streamers seem to ignorantly think they should be free to use other peoples work without permission to generate revenue for themselves, And then get outraged when those creators don’t like what they do.

    Looking at Asmongold in particular who sees no issue in reuploading other peoples content under the guise of “Asmongold reacts to” and monetising those videos. His reuploads often get more videos than the creator’s videos and never shares that revenue with those creators.

    • I’d love to see people who actually make their own content start just absolutely slamming streamers with copyright claims, because the vast majority would have no leg to stand on because they don’t add shit to the content to make it transformative and therefore fall under fair use.

      Asmongold might actually be the least offensive in that regard, as from what little I have seen he typically does talk a lot and seems to really discuss or offer opinions on things he watches.

      Meanwhile you have the other end of the spectrum, the Pokimanes of the world who sit there eating or some shit while watching other people’s content and going “oh wow” once in a while.

      • With asmongold its worse than other streamers. He has his own official channel which reuploads other people content but with his reaction. He stated specifically he created an official one because other uploaders of his reactions were having trouble getting monetized and he wanted to help them.

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