Ranking The Devil May Cry 5 Crew By Their Fashion Choices

Ranking The Devil May Cry 5 Crew By Their Fashion Choices
Image: Capcom

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition launched on PS5 this month, bringing the excellent hack-and-slash adventure into next gen. With shiny new textures, split-second loading times, DualSense controller functionality and additional Vergil-themed gameplay, it’s the definitive way to play Devil May Cry 5 on console (unless you wanted to check your phone between levels, in which case you’re out of luck). It really is a stylish game but admittedly, there’s a glaring issue we need the talk about: the fashion.

From V’s leather tunic to Nico’s constantly exposed midriff, there’s so many odd choices in Devil May Cry 5 it’s hard to really pin down which is the most egregious. While there’s certainly some killer looks here (Morrison and Nero come to mind), the good often outweighs the bad. I’m thoroughly enjoying my replay on PS5 (I gave it a perfect score way back in 2019), but I feel like the only way to really progress in the game is to get all my fashion-forward feelings out.

Apropos of nothing, here’s how I’d rank the Devil May Cry 5 crew, based on their very wild fashion choices. Sound off in the comments below if you disagree with any of my choices.

9. Nico

devil may cry 5 nico outfit
Image: Capcom

Nico’s overall look is fine and she really owns the whole “I’m wearing two half-shirts, which almost equals a whole shirt” vibe, but my issue is mostly with the incredibly low rise shorts she’s wearing. Nico drives the Devil May Cry van for most of her days, so having an exposed stomach makes sense. It helps vent the air and keeps her cool.

But wearing low rise pants when you’re sitting all day is a terrible choice. They look tight, which means they’ll constantly be digging into her sides while she’s driving. When you’re facing down demons on a daily basis, it’s a distraction you certainly don’t need.

Nico isn’t doing much active battling in the game, but they’re still not a very practical choice at all.

8. V

devil may cry 5 V
Image: Capcom

I love V dearly, but his outfit is just awful. He’s basically picked up a leather sheet off the side of the road, wrapped himself in it, tied it with shoelaces and called it a day. To make it worse, he’s topped the outfit off by wearing leather jandles. Leather jandles! On a battlefield! V spends most of Devil May Cry 5 chugging his way through dirt, shit and monster blood, and he thinks he’s going to get away with wearing jandles?!

If you’ve ever gotten dirt in your thongs, you know exactly how this story goes. Sure, his body is deteriorating and he’s not technically a ‘real’ person, but that’s no reason to abuse your feet. He’s heading on a one-way journey to blister town, and I feel very bad for him.

7. Lady

lady dmc 5
Image: Capcom

Okay, so now we’re heading into better territory. Lady’s outfit is ranked nearly at the bottom but not quite there, mostly because I don’t really understand what’s going on here. There’s a lot of dangling layers in this outfit and a fully exposed waist that seems dangerous for battle — but the boldest choice is rocking up to a slimy, demon-filled battlefield in all white. That takes guts, and we should definitely give her credit where it’s due, but it’s still an odd one.

On another note there’s not a whole lot of material between her thighs, so unless physics work differently in Devil May Cry 5, she should prepare for some chafing.

6. Trish

trish dmc
Image: Capcom

Let’s talk about Trish’s outfit for a second. Normally I’d give it an instant miss because her breasts are so unsupported they’re literally three seconds away from flying off her chest and into the sunset, but there’s a particular scene in Devil May Cry 5 that got me thinking. In this particular scene, Trish magically manifests her clothes, making them appear on her body instantly.

I can only assume that means the clothes are part of her, and therefore are unlikely to fly off or cause any fashion disasters. With that in mind, we can evaluate the outfit from a style perspective without considering practicality. It’s a good look! The black leather is practical, given the fighting she’ll need to do in the game and the arm guard is a particularly useful for closer combat.

Yes, the strappy halter is a bit precarious, but she’s making it work and we can’t fault her for that. Trish knows style, and that’s a good start.

5. Dante

dante dmc
Image: Capcom

After nearly two decades of fighting demons, Dante is getting tired of putting on the ritz. But of everyone on this list, his outfit choice is the most practical. His dark red duster is great for cutting through demons and barely shows any of the damage he’s accrued. His leather pants are sturdy, and he’s secured them with a very charming belt buckle. The buttoned shirt is a bit of an ‘old man’ choice, but at this stage we can forgive it.

Sometimes, all you need is a signature coat and a bad attitude. Functionality can be a good fashion choice, and in this regard Dante is very stylish.

4. Vergil

devil may cry 5 vergil
Image: Capcom

Vergil wears a similar outfit to Dante, but the accents make all the difference. Instead of a plain shirt underneath his fancy dress jacket, Vergil rocks a multi-layered leather look that really accents his ‘stick-up-the-arse’ personality. The look is designed to resemble a military uniform, but the jazzy little touches like the icicles across his arms and the silver trimming around the edges is a great choice. It makes him seem far more regal than he actually is, and gives him an air of nobility.

I don’t like putting Vergil so far up this list, but he’s earned his place with this impressive number.

3. Nero

devil may cry 5 nero
Image: Capcom

It’s the metal arm (pictured offscreen) that really makes Nero’s outfit sing, here.

Like Dante and Vergil, he’s got his own signature coat fitted with straps and armour. It’s great on its own but the asymmetric nature of the outfit, coupled the metal claw at the end of his arm, is just iconic. Yes, he’s constantly got a shit-eating grin on his face and it often ruins the whole aesthetic, but his pseudo-punk look is a total banger.

It fits his personality, and it’s perfect for slaying demons. Nero has made good choices here.

2. Morrison

devil may cry 5 morrison
Image: Capcom

Morrison is the only one in Devil May Cry 5 with any sense of style — and probably the only one on this list who could pull off a fedora without looking totally ridiculous. He’s not in the game very long, but he certainly makes an impression while he’s around. Check out the crispness of that collar. Or the subtle flower print on his vest. I mean, check out that cravat. Morrison just oozes style.

Everyone else, take notes.

1. Dante, but in a cowboy hat

devil may cry 5 dante cowboy
Image: Capcom

Morrison is only just surpassed by this funky little number from Dante.

It’s basically the same outfit as before, but this time around he’s wearing a cowboy hat and scarf. If you don’t think accessories make a difference, you’re dead wrong here. This look is imminently more stylish than any other outfit on this list, and makes Dante the undisputed fashion king of the Devil May Cry franchise.

It’s also extremely practical: the scarf operates as a measure of Dante’s red orb collection, while the hat lets him shoot out demon blood as bullets. It gets points for form and functionality to claim the ultimate fashion crown.

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