Fall Guys Has Sold More Than 10 Million Units

Fall Guys Has Sold More Than 10 Million Units
Screenshot: Fall Guys

If there was any doubt about how successful Mediatonic’s Fall Guys was, then the third quarter financials for engine makers Unity should put that fully into perspective.

Unity Technologies, which announced $US200.8 million in revenue for Q3 2020, revealed the success of Fall Guys as one of their “recent business highlights”. It was included with an update alongside GTFO, the 4-player horror survival game, and the recent success of Genshin Impact (specifically on mobile).

Since its August release, Mediatonic’s Fall Guys, which was not only created with Unity, but also uses Unity’s Operate Solutions to run the game, has sold more than 10 million copies on PC via the Steam game store and became the most-downloaded title on Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service in history.

To put that in perspective, most video games don’t sell anywhere near 10 million units. EA, for instance, didn’t expect Jedi: Fallen Order to get close to that figure, and that’s a licensed Jedi game. It took the remastered Crash Bandicoot trilogy almost two years to sell over 10 million unitsFall Guys has achieved that in less than a year, and most of it since its launch out of early access in August.

It’s easy to say that Fall Guys was the right game for the right year, but its success was also thanks to some clever management by the developers. Mediatonic’s use of Twitch Drops, where viewers could gain access to the closed beta simply for watching streamers playing the game, helped the game gain a massive amount of attention. Coupled with their support of streamers large and small, it saw the jelly bean party game effectively take over the platform before anyone knew it.

As is often the case with many things in life, success begets success. Twitch’s preference for numbers above all else means that if you’re savvy enough to work the platform, and the creators who fuel it, then you can rocket your game into the stratosphere. It’s another thing as to whether Fall Guys will continue to have an impact on the Twitch platform going forward. But regardless of whether that happens, the game has been an immense success and sold faster than most titles on the planet. That amount of success, put simply, is life changing.

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