Grab $100 Off Anno 1800: Complete Edition In Fanatical’s Latest Sale

Grab $100 Off Anno 1800: Complete Edition In Fanatical’s Latest Sale
Image: Anno 1800

There haven’t been a heap of killer game sales over the last few months, hey. Between the fervour of next gen consoles and an epic calendar of releases like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Watch Dogs Legion, there hasn’t been all that much to shout about. Luckily, Fanatical knows exactly what we want — and they’re coming in clutch with some banger deals on PC  games.

The entire Anno franchise is the real winner of Fanatical’s latest sale, with nearly every game marked down. You can grab the base edition of Anno 1800 for $19.78 but if you want the full experience, Anno 1800: Complete Edition (which includes the ginormous Season 1 and Season 2 passes) is going for $46.48. That’s down from $149.95, a saving of over $100. Madness.

You’ll need to hook up with Ubisoft Connect for game delivery, but it’s a small price to pay for a bargain.

Beyond Anno, you’ll also want to check out the ‘Killer Bundle 14‘. This pack includes a bunch of smash hits including Peaky Blinders: Mastermind, Close to the Sun, Project CARS GOTY Edition, Talisman: Origins, RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe and others for $7.75.

Mastermind and Close to the Sun make the bundle immediately worth it, with the other games being icing on a very tasty-looking cake.

Here’s the best of the rest games on sale over at Fanatical right now:

Image: YSNET

It’s not absolutely chockers just yet, but there’s plenty of good options around. Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned to Kotaku Australia for more deals later next week as sales season really starts to hit its peak.

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  • Anno 1800 really is just a stellar game… And the season passes were some of the best value DLC content I’ve seen any game throw in a season pass.

  • Funny how Anno 1800 is discounted through every other means, other then Steam, which unfortunately a lot of people b0uoght the game when it was released. (DLC has been full price through an ignored service since release.)

    • Given that the only Steam owners are those who preorded it there, and given that it hasn’t been sold on Steam since launch, this should come as no surprise to absolutely anybody.

  • I have seen these Anno games over the years but never really paid them much attention. I bought the complete everything bar the kitchen sink edition of Anno 1800 over the weekend. I was playing last night and a voice over suggested I stop and have a coffee break after 2 hours of play. Noice.

  • anno games are some of the best, though i must admit i feel 1800 is not my favourite. i think i prefer 2205. that said 1800 is still fantastic.

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