Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got The Jurassic Park Treatment

Cyberpunk 2077 Just Got The Jurassic Park Treatment
Image: Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 was pitched as this enormous, vibrant sci-fi city that was “the most believable city in any open world game”. Unfortunately, those on the original PS4 and Xbox One consoles are getting a very different experience.

Riffing on a similar treatment given to No Man’s Sky four years ago, French content creator Legolas has put together a snippet of some of the game’s reveal footage, compared against the real-life experience on the original PlayStation 4 with some shitty harmonicas for effect.

Much like the majesty of dinosaurs and creatures in the original No Man’s Sky, the experience is a bit underwhelming.

I’m still having a fun time, but then I’m playing under what many would consider the best possible conditions. Those stuck on original consoles? You, uh, might want to wait.


  • That was always going to happen. I guess people expected it to be a bit less shit. But it’ll likely be patched a bit and add more loading screens to help older consoles. Does anyone expect it to run well on 7yr old tech?

    • Assassins Creed Valhalla. Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us part 2 all run and look better on a 7 year old system.

      • And are all far less demanding games. Same with RDR, Spiderman etc.

        They clearly designed the game first with hardware a second place

  • On PC here with 6800XT, the only real issue I’ve faced is:
    Sometimes jumping on objects can cause me to get stuck between them.
    Sometimes there is odd loot icons for items I can’t pick up.
    Sometimes everyone wants to kill me for MINOR infractions. 🙁

    • Very envious of NVIDIA users and their DLSS performance, I’m basically running on medium settings at 4k to get 60fps. And I still have CAS downsampling set to %75 if fps drops too much.

  • So… are you planning on doing any reviews for the console versions?
    I’d be pretty disappointed if I was playing on console. I’ve been mucking around on PC and the level of jank is very high but it does look pretty.

      • Nice. I wasn’t really invested in the game, but I was expecting the crowd AI etc to be pretty bad. Have to admit I’m perversely really enjoying the outrage on the forums etc. Ppl are SO ANGRY!

        It’s nice on PC but I have requested a refund. I’ve sampled the goods and I’d much rather wait another year or so and get the final product at a better price. The level of jank is really high. So glad I didn’t get the PS4 version. ZOMG! Looks so bad.

    • Hello rowan……..I hope you are doing well…..sadly, I know a rowan…….but unfortunately his case is terminal……….so make sure you take care…..cause ya just never kno…—————-

  • Playing on the Xbox One X and it’s not baaaaad, but at least it’s smooth and not buggy so far (crosses fingers)

  • if youre going to play the game on a 7yr old console that was underpowered when it came out of course the game is going to look like rubbish. in other news water is wet.

  • Well, I must say that was enormously funny……. Prob expect that though……. I’m on I7 9th, 2080, 32ram etc…. Plays fine…some bugs….. no crashes…. so I’m playing Jurassic soundtrack through an old analogue tape player…….better than a harp……….at least.

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