Gift Ideas For The Board Game Fan Who Has Everything

Gift Ideas For The Board Game Fan Who Has Everything
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Hopefully, there’s a special someone (or at least a someone you’re obligated to buy holiday gifts for) in your life that is into board games. But what do you get for the board game player who already has every board game worth having? The answer is simple. Instead of buying them a new game, buy them cool stuff that will help them store or organise the board games they already have.

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The Book of Holding ($24.16)

I like to think I’m a good Dungeon Master, but I’m awful when it comes to remembering certain details. The amount of times that I’ve asked my players to remind me of an NPC’s name is a bit embarrassing. It’s for this reason that I bought myself a Book of Holding journal, so I can keep track of everything better. I have a separate one that I use to keep notes when I’m on the other side of the DM screen as a player.

Feldherr Storage Inserts & Bags (starting from $18.94)

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If you know someone into a game with miniatures, whether it be 40K or X-Wing, these are the bees knees. They’re padded bags carrying special foam sheets — often custom-cut — that you can store delicate pieces in, keeping them safe both in storage and when moving around in a car or something. The item linked below is for X-Wing, but Feldherr sell loads more types for different games.

GripMat (starting from around $22.99)

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Regular table surfaces are fine for most people’s gaming, but when you’ve gotta move pieces around and soften the impact of dice rolling around the place, a good mat is worth the price. GripMat’s are probably the best out there, as they’re thicker and grippier than most of the competition, which tend to be little more than giant mousepads. You can get them blank, or with specific graphics printed on them more suitable for games like Tanks, Wings of War or X-Wing.

Dice Tower ($28.99)

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Do you know someone who is always losing their dice because they’re a bit too enthusiastic in their rolls? Then you should get them a dice tower to keep their rolls in check. This castle-themed dice tower is made from plywood and comes together with a quick and easy build. It can also be folded into itself for easy storage/travel.

Ultra Pro Card Sleeves ($10)

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There are a lot of sleeves out there on the market for the kind of person who needs to keep their Magic/Netrunner/Pokemon cards in pristine condition. Ultra Pro’s sleeves are, I think, some of the best, both in terms of fit and in build quality.

Forged Dice Co. Dual Dice Storage Box ($74.82)

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Designed to store up to 300 polyhedral dice, this Forged Dice box is also a great option for general board game storage. There’s plenty of room to collect the various loose tokens and cards your board game loving pal has accrued over the years. There’s a five-section tray, divider and upper zipper section. It even comes with an additional, pocket sized storage pouch.

Seven Sets of Polyhedral Dice ($14.99)

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There’s no such thing as “too many dice”, so why not fill up a Christmas stocking with 49 dice?


  • I’m assuming this is a US article for the amazon references to a bag maker I’ve never heard of… We’re lucky here in Australia have a high quality company called Knights of Dice that produce laser cut foam cases for all sorts of games, from bolt action to x-wing, infinity, 40k etc etc.

    Give them a look. For those who have heard of Laser Touch, Knights of Dice have purchased them and are now running the business out of Melbourne. They also do lasercut MDF terrain. It’s gorgeous. I’m building a table with a bunch of their stuff right now and it’s some of the most detailed and easy to put together stuff out there.

  • Good board games are expensive is Australia. If you’re going to give a Board Gamer a gift then give them a gift voucher or IOU to buy a game from a FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store). Personally I use Vault Games and Good Games, but there are many more and they’d love your support.

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