Square Enix’s Project Athia Is Console Exclusive On PS5 For ‘At Least 24 Months’

Square Enix’s Project Athia Is Console Exclusive On PS5 For ‘At Least 24 Months’
Screenshot: Square Enix

Project Athia, the next game from the team behind Final Fantasy XV, will be console-exclusive to the PlayStation 5 for “at least 24 months,” a new Sony demo reel of upcoming games revealed.

Little is known about Project Athia (apparently a working title) apart from it being some sort of fantastical action game from Square Enix subsidiary Luminous Productions. But that hasn’t stopped Sony from ensuring it will only be available on consoles via the PlayStation 5 for two years. The game will also be released on PC at the same time.

This two-year period far surpasses the amount of time other games are set to remain console exclusive to PlayStation 5. Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo — two properties that are now technically owned by Microsoft — won’t be seen on other consoles for at least a year, while Godfall is expected to be exclusive until May 2021, six months after it first launched on PS5.

Other games coming first to Sony platforms include Goodbye Volcano High, JETT: The Far Shore, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Little Devil Inside, Oddworld: Soulstorm, Solar Ash, and Stray, but the specific lengths of these exclusivity periods have yet to be announced. Bugsnax, which released last month, is also a timed exclusive with no info on how long that might last.

“[T]hose exclusive arrangements range from a few months to a couple of years,” PlayStation head of global marketing Eric Lempel explained earlier this year, providing a rough idea of how long some of these third-party games might be exclusive to PlayStation consoles. The inclusion of “at least” in the marketing language also indicates the possibility of extensions.

Project Athia is the latest engagement in Sony and Microsoft’s war of exclusivity on next-gen platforms, and we’re sure to see more shots fired as time goes on.


  • How much is Sony paying Square Enix… they lost so much on Marvel Avengers they can’t afford to lose money by being locked into another contract deal that results in poor sales.

  • I personally don’t care about these games but 2 years is an extremely long time.

    Sony must be paying them truck loads of money. Cant understand how Sony exclusives still don’t go to PC more quickly than they currently do. I know, they want to keep people buying their consoles but I honestly think its S#$% for consumers.

    • I imagine Sony IS putting in a lot of money but it’s likely happening more at the investment, production and development level, especially when it comes to Square-Enix and the Luminous Engine.

  • Cause porting games not built on a generalised game engine like Unreal or Unity is very difficult, especially when its designed from the ground up to work with a specialised console.

    Its really at this moment watch and see how well Horizon Zero Dawn did with its PC release early this year… to see if this will improve PS5 sales when HZD2 releases.

    • You do realise that comment is incredibly generalised and also completely incorrect right?

      It is the same as saying Windows and Mac run on similar architecture these days so no porting is required. Because that’s true right?

      Even with the exact same architecture the way the operating system addresses and uses that architecture is completely different, so yes, significant investment and knowledge of both OSes is required to port a game.

  • I’m a Xbox fanboy, but at this point either make it actually exclusive or keep the timed exclusivity to something like less than 6 months.

    What are the odds that people will care when they can finally play a 2 year old game that’s probably full price? I’m basing that off when No Mans Sky released on Xbox for, I think it was $80? But it was $30 on the Playstation store at the time.

    • 100% agree, as a Dev surely you want your game seen and purchased as much as possible whilst there is still some hype and marketing around the game. It almost seems a waste to port after 2 years unless its that cheap to do so on the next gen consoles.

  • Sony should tread carefully here – now that Microsoft owns Bethesda etc, they might be inclined to withhold those games from the PS5 for doing things like this.

    • I don’t see good arguments as to why they should release them on PS5 anymore. A bit more money, sure. But the point of exclusives is to bring people to your platform and ultimately earn even more money than a single sale. And timed exclusives do not have the same effect

      “But these franchises are too big”. No. No they are not. That’s exactly what you would want to be exclusive, big names.

      If they’re lucky, MS will continue to release big established IPs on PS (after time) and anything smaller or new will be exclusive. These actions from Sony will only increase the timed exclusivity of those big established titles

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