This Cyberpunk 2077 Glitches Trailer Is Brutal

This Cyberpunk 2077 Glitches Trailer Is Brutal
Image: CD Projekt Red
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Cyberpunk 2077 has already copped a dose of Jurassic Park, but this recut of one of the game’s E3 trailers is even more savage.

YouTuber Campbell Beans has taken the backing from the game’s E3 2018 reveal — where we saw a shot of that flash public transport network — and recut it with footage of the actual experience some Night City have actually had.

That includes classics like randomly spawning cops, collision quirks occasionally launching cars, NPCs and the player sky high, some intriguing graphical quirks, some interesting cars in the background, and one of the funniest interactions with a grenade I’ve seen in a game all year.

Minus the whole falling through the world and dying part, these are the kind of bugs that I’ve always enjoyed from open-world games. They’re weird and wacky and absolutely not supposed to be part of the experience, but they’re harmless in a lot of ways.

I’d still prefer it if the police presence didn’t instantly spawn behind you, but hey, one bug at a time.

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