BioWare Says It’s Giving Up On Anthem

BioWare Says It’s Giving Up On Anthem
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Anthem development has been cancelled, BioWare Austin studio director Christian Dailey announced today.

“I know this will be disappointing to the community of Anthem players who have been excited to see the improvements we’ve been working on,” Dailey wrote. “It’s also disappointing for the team who were doing brilliant work. And for me personally, Anthem is what brought me to BioWare, and the last two years have been some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my career.”

Anthem originally released in 2019, BioWare’s attempt to glom onto the success of live service games like Destiny. It was heavily criticised for feeling incomplete, forcing BioWare to return to the drawing board in pursuit of a No Man’s Sky-style reboot.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Anthem publisher EA would soon be making a final decision on whether to continue bankrolling attempts to overhaul the project.

Dailey’s explanation also puts blame on the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, forcing the studio to adopt work from home strategies, for not being able to meet expectations.

“Game development is hard,” Dailey added, succinctly summing up the last year. “Decisions like these are not easy.”


    • Played some more Anthem over the weekend.

      I’m really disappointed about this decision. There’s so much worth saving, there.

      God dammit.

  • This was pretty much expected. Which is a pity because there were definitely decent moments of fun in there. Just… not as a GaaS.

  • Surprising, no, but strangely disappointing. For me, in some senses, it was a really fun combat tech demo badly in need a game to exist in.

  • Its a shame you can see a small Indie teams turn around a disasterous game launch and create a strong community like No Mans Sky did so they can respect their commitment to customers who bought their titles…

    but we still see AAA developers just continually throw in the towel to screw over their customers time and time again, as they bleed staff for other projects rather than fix the projects they started.

    • AAA has been all about the quick trend chasing game for ages now.. find the next best thing first add a few “extra” systems to make it “unique” and try and rake in as much cash before new trend starts.

      Also to be fair No Mans Sky had the backing of Sony and they truly chose to stick it out and get it working (like Sea of Thieves for xbox).. meanwhile Anthem was published by EA you can see where it was headed the moment it launched

  • Really sad to see another major failure from a studio with as formerly well regarded as Bioware.

    This is the second game in a row from them that’s been so sh*t that the people responsible for it have THEMSELVES have put me off playing it.

    I was slowly grinding through a very disappointing Mass Effect: Andromeda when EA announced they were canning all DLC and putting the series on hold just a few months after launch. While I still crave the idea of playing Mass Effect it’s pretty hard to care about the game when it’s backers have announced that the story won’t be progressed further. It’s like starting a new TV show knowing it’s been canned after a few episodes.

    I got Anthem for free or something at some point but again, I’m not starting a game when they’ve said publically that they were rebooting the whole thing.
    Now they’re not doing that. There’s no point blaming COVID for foiling the recovery effort – the game shouldn’t have needed it in the first place!

  • disappointing sure but surprising? not one bit

    this is EA we’re talking about. I’m only surprised it wasn’t canned earlier since they were still sitting on the fence on if they would monetize this update

  • So in the end, SWTOR and Mass Effect: Andromeda suffered for nothing. I’m sure all the players, both current and past of SWTOR appreciate Anthem taking all of Bioware’s resources away from SWTOR, leaving only the dregs of Bioware to put out very little content that didn’t involve the cartel market these past few years and not even being given a sliver of attention or love that Anthem got in terms of content, funding or development, all for it to be pissed up against the wall with very little to show for it except a bombed game in Anthem (that everyone knew except Bioware would bomb) and a game that could have been better had it been given just a fraction of the love Anthem got for SWTOR.

  • It is for the best. I doubt Anthem was salvageable without a massive investment of resources, and even with such an investment, the risk would have been quite high.

    Given they have two sequels to well established franchises in the works, it is better that they focus on making those games as good as they can make them.

    Let us be honest, who would have given Anthem a second chance, even with a significant revision? I would not have, given the amount of new games I have yet to play.

    • Personally if it were a single player game with a focus on narrative I absolutely would have given it a go, I loved the way it looked and a lot of people seemed to really like how it played too.

      • This. If Bioware could focus on what they did well in the past, ie single player narrative experiences, they may make a return to form.
        Anthem had a lot of promise, the GaaS elements are what fucked it up

    • I definitely would’ve. The core mechanics were brilliant, the shooting was tight, the flying was a lot of fun and it looked beautiful. The foundations were there for a really good game but it was just lifeless.

      Sea of Thieves was similar when it first came out. 2 and a bit years later I picked it up again and I have a ball with it every weekend.

    • Seriously? I was absolutely hanging out for it.

      Now, there’s no reason not to just jump in and try to grind out the platinum, given that there’s nothing else going to be added to supersede the current content/gear.

  • So, what’s the eta on the class action for refunds?

    I was happy to wait for them to revive it, but now, can’t help but feel quite annoyed by it all.

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