Anthem’s Future Will Reportedly Be Decided This Week

Anthem’s Future Will Reportedly Be Decided This Week
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EA will reportedly make a decision on whether to continue rebooting Anthem, Bioware’s maligned live-service game, or to abandon the project altogether.

The report from long-time Bioware reporter Jason Schreier says that, according to three sources, EA will make a judgement on the current state of Anthem Next this week. Anthem Next has been the working name for a reboot of Anthem, overhauling the game’s loot systems, UI, and mechanics in a bid to revive the looter shooter ala. No Man’s Sky.

Work on Anthem Next began in 2019, although at the time it was unclear whether the plan was to relaunch Anthem as a new game or just release it as a free update. But over the last two years, little information has been teased about the title. Christian Dailey made a few official posts on Bioware’s blog about Anthem‘s status, but in December the producer left the Anthem project to become the executive producer on Dragon Age 4.

Anthem‘s failed launch in February 2019 became a posterchild for the internet’s dissastisfaction with live service games — although it hasn’t stopped other live service titles from enjoying huge success.

You can read the rest of Bloomberg’s report here in full, so go give it a click. EA naturally declined to comment, as is customary for publishers in situations like this. But you can imagine their supposed meeting this week will be difficult. Everyone loves a redemption story, and games like Fallout 76 and Final Fantasy XIV have shown the value of persistence, but is Anthem — a game even retailers were taking the piss out of — capable of such a turnaround?


  • I actually hope they can resurrect it. There was a fun game buried in there, the flying really fun and some of the exploration and fighting quite thrilling. It just had some bad packaging and systems around it.

    I played for a month or two and when I walked away – due to the myriad of issues and lack of things to do, I still had my money’s worth.

  • I hope they decide to revive the game. I really enjoyed the bones, there. Flying was good, shooting things was good, there was just no motivation there. The story was weak, the loot/power progression was uninspiring, and the grind for power upgrades and the cash-shop currency was so daunting as to be absolutely futile for anyone not playing all day every day.

  • Well, if theres one thing they could do if they do decide to abandon it, would be to make the game playable offline. Just have it go down to single player mode. The game was surprisingly enjoyable when I gave it a try. (Alas I bought it at launch on Origin rather than a JB deal)

    • Pretty much this. It should not have been some ‘live service’ MTX-driven cash-cow for them. It’s not very Bioware of them.

      • Hahaha Not very Bioware… Bioware created EA’s first loot-box game, when they made Star Wars the Old Republic free-2-play after disappointing initial sales and subscriptions.

        It returned its development cost after 18 months, and has made over $1 billion dollars.

        That was part of the problem… it was after the Star Wars Battlefront loot-box fiasco that EA went up on stage and promised no loot boxes in Anthem. The cash-cow wasn’t going to be fat enough to milk so I think that effected development and post-launch budgets.

        • Look… let’s be frank. SWTOR as a F2P MMO wasn’t very Bioware of them. The story campaign? Brilliant. Literally everything else that surrounded it? Hot mess.

  • EA should cut their losses and kill it. I don’t think the game can succeed even with a relaunch. Sure it might get some players but I don’t think it will be enough to sustain it.

  • The one flaw that made it unplayable for me was the facial expressions of the NPCs. Bioware talked themselves up about how amazing the technology they used was to mimic people’s expressions except all I could see were people on the spectrum who didn’t know when to stop smiling while they stared at me. It was unsettling.

  • I imagine they’ll abandon it. EA isn’t the sort of company that tries to salvage failures.
    My hope would be it gets rebooted as a single player game more in line with Bioware’s other games, with maybe a Mass Effect style multiplayer element. The flying and combat was actually fairly fun. It’s just everything else that didn’t work.

  • They should drop it altogether? Anthem was a BIG Fail and a BIG fail for BioWare? They are known for there great Story driven RPG’s Not stupid shooter clone of Destiny etc like Anthem was? Mass Effect: Andromeda failed because they rushed it so they could work on Anthem? so I say let Anthem rest in purgatory

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