Immortals Fenyx Rising’s First DLC Is Mostly New Puzzles And Not Much Else

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s First DLC Is Mostly New Puzzles And Not Much Else

On January 28, Immortals Fenyx Rising’s first DLC, A New God, was released. Set after the events of the main game’s original ending, A New God is an odd expansion and epilogue that fans of Immortals might enjoy, but only if you really need more puzzles.

Also spoiler warning: I’m going to be talking about the end of Immortals a bit. Just a heads up.

A New God is set directly after the end of Immortals, after the main character, Fenyx, discovers she is the daughter of Zeus and defeats the big bad Typhon with the help of the gods. With her cosmic lineage and after all she accomplished in the main game, Zeus had decided to let her take a shot at becoming a full-fledged member of the pantheon of the gods, alongside folks like Athena and Zeus himself. But this is also a video game, so first, she has to complete a bunch of tasks. I know. Super shocking.

Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku
Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

That’s the main setup of A New God, which is a fine way to handle a DLC set after the main events of your game. However, actually playing A New God doesn’t feel like I’m continuing the story of my Fenyx. That’s because you have to first boot up a separate game, essentially, from the main menu. After doing this, you play through A New God not as your Fenyx, with her powers and weapons, but as a generic Fenyx with all her powers, stats and gear nearly maxed out and all your armour and weapons missing. And none of the cool gear you get in the DLC can be brought back into the main Immortals game. All of this made it really hard for me to care about what was going on in A New God because it felt so disconnected from my Fenyx and her story.

It doesn’t really matter anyway, because there’s not much going on in A New God. If Immortals was a super-condensed take on the Ubisoft open-world formula, this first DLC is an even more streamlined version of that already condensed approach. All your gear is nearly maxed out, there’s very little in the way of sidequests or activities and the open-world mainly consists of some temples and a central area floating in the sky. There’s also much less dialogue and narration, but for folks who found the humour in Immortals to be grating and annoying, that might be a blessing. Personally, I missed Zeus and Prometheus bickering while I explored.

Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku
Screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

The bulk of A New God is puzzles. A lot of puzzles. Some of these are much harder than the main game’s puzzles, so if you haven’t played Immortals since it came out, you might find yourself stumped. Many of these new puzzles utilise the new double jump ability you quickly unlock as well as a host of new elements, like magnets and electrical circuits. While I enjoyed completing many of them, I still haven’t finished the DLC because I just don’t know how many more puzzle dungeons I want to do. The main game was already filled to the brim with these rooms and like many other players, I still haven’t done them all. So getting a whole batch of new puzzle rooms dropped in my lap isn’t very exciting.

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Of the DLC announced for Immortals, A New God always seemed the most boring and skippable. It’s not bad and for those of you who couldn’t get enough of the puzzles in the main game and who wanted to see what happens next after the credits rolled in Immortals, this DLC is just what you’ve been wanting.

However, if you didn’t love Immortals or felt burned out by the end of it, I’d suggest skipping A New God and just finishing up all the puzzles you most likely haven’t completed yet in the original game.


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