Nubia Rises in This Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2 Preview

Nubia Rises in This Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #2 Preview

In DC Comics’ Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman, the Themysciran princess is one of the last heroes left standing in a universe ravaged by ceaseless evils. In time, those evils apparently became so great that even beings like Darkseid begin to fear them.

While DC’s comic explores Diana’s fight against this far-off threat in one timeline, Immortal Wonder Woman #1 revealed that its story would also centre on the adventures of her long-lost sister, Nubia, set in a different reality where the responsibilities of being Wonder Woman fell to her. Speaking with Gizmodo, artist Alitha Martinez pointed out that Immortal Wonder Woman #2, which delves a bit into Nubia’s life leading up to the comic, features a number of significant nods to her relationship with Wonder Woman — like the way she utilises the Lasso of Truth as a hair wrap.

Writer L.L. McKinney, who penned the “Nubia” story within the issue, explained that small details like those play a role in harkening back to the glory Nubia originally entered DC Comics with, something she hopes to see more of for the character going forward. “I hope there’s more for this Nubia in the future, an expansion of her story that she deserves and fans deserve. I want this whether I’m part of it or not,” McKinney said. “Though of course, I would love to be.”

To get a sense of what to expect from the issue, check out the preview below.

Nubia awakening, imprisoned. (Image: Alitha Martinez/DC Comics)
Nubia witnessing as someone arrives to free her. (Image: Alitha Martinez/DC Comics)
Nubia realising exactly who it is that’s come to get her. (Image: Alitha Martinez/DC Comics)
Nubia receiving her diadem as the witch Circe looks on. (Image: Alitha Martinez/DC Comics)

Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman hits stores on February 16.