Watch Dogs: Legion Gets Co-Op On March 9

Watch Dogs: Legion Gets Co-Op On March 9
Screenshot: Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion is about to become legion. The multiplayer mode for Ubisoft’s open-world hacking game comes out March 9.

The multiplayer mode was initially planned to launch on December 3, 2020, but was delayed to a broad 2021 release in order to allow developers time and space to patch out the game’s many bugs.

When it hits next month, the multiplayer will allow players to freely roam London in cooperative groups. There will also be a series of co-op missions, and a raid-like mission called “Leader of the Pack” that requires a four-person fireteam.

Beyond that, Watch Dogs: Legion will also get a competitive mode called “Spiderbot Arena” in which four players compete in a free-for-all deathmatch with the game’s spiderbot gadgets. Ubisoft calls it Legion’s “first available” player-vs.-player mode. (Kotaku has reached out to Ubisoft for details about what other potential PvP modes might be coming.)

Players who picked up the game’s season pass will also get access to two single-player missions. One, “Guardian Protocol,” is about rogue AI algorithms. A second, “Not In Our Name,” is all to do with misinformation and a “ruthless tabloid owner.”

Season pass owners will also get access to a series of unique playable characters, including Wrench, from Watch Dogs 2; Darcy, a member of the Assassin’s Order from Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed fictional universe; and Aiden Pearce, the irritatingly dour protagonist from the first game who, admittedly, sported a terrific jacket. Those characters will become available at an unspecified date later this year.

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