Watch Dogs: Legion’s Multiplayer On PC Has Been Delayed Indefinitely Because Of Bugs

Watch Dogs: Legion’s Multiplayer On PC Has Been Delayed Indefinitely Because Of Bugs
Image: Ubisoft

Yesterday, Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs Legion’s online mode on PC has been delayed indefinitely due to serious bugs that need to be fixed. And some parts of multiplayer on the console will also be delayed due to, you guessed it, more bugs.

Announced on Twitter yesterday, the PC version of Legion’s online mode has been delayed due to bugs causing the game to crash. No new date was given for when to expect the PC version’s online mode to be released, with Ubisoft simply saying “We will communicate the new launch date as soon as possible.” The console versions of Watch Dogs online are still coming on March 9 as announced last month.

While the console versions of Watch Dogs Legion will still be launching in a few days, the Tactical Ops missions won’t be available until later in the month on the 23rd. These raid-like missions are bigger and more challenging end game activities that Ubisoft suggests only groups of four or more take on.

Oh, and on PlayStation consoles, players will have limited in-game text chat until Ubisoft fixes that too. So things are a bit buggy overall, regardless of your platform of choice.

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Watch Dogs: Legion’s online mode was first delayed back in November of last year due to bugs that the team wanted to fix first before launching any multiplayer modes.

I imagine the dozens of people who were excited to play Watch Dogs Legion online are sad about this. Meanwhile, I still need to finish the game after it erased hours of progress right before I reached the end.

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  • Yeah can’t say I’m chomping at the bit to play the online side of things but I’ll still check it out to see how it all goes.

  • WDL was suppose to be their redemption for Ghost Breakpoint… including development and launch delays, bugs, slow fixes,average reviews, and a pushed backed DLC of over 3 months. It really isn’t looking good at Ubisoft.

    Are they really ready for a Star Wars game?

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