Watch Dogs: Legion’s Online Mode Delayed As Team Focuses On Fixing Bugs

Watch Dogs: Legion’s Online Mode Delayed As Team Focuses On Fixing Bugs
Screenshot: Ubisoft

It’s no secret that Watch Dog: Legion has been pretty buggy since it launched late last month, but Ubisoft sounds dedicated to tracking down these experience-ruining glitches and getting them sorted out. So dedicated, in fact, that the game’s planned online mode has been delayed to next year to give the team more time to iron out its single-player issues.

Multiplayer will give Watch Dogs: Legion players the chance to tackle co-op missions with up to three teammates as well as compete in modes like Spiderbot Arena and invade other players’ games. These online activities were originally planned to launch on December 3, but will instead be pushed back to a more opaque early 2021 release window.

According to an official post on the Ubisoft forums, a patch dropping this week includes several fixes for major issues like save corruption and crashes in addition to stability and performance improvements across all platforms. The devs also mention that the PC version will be getting a manual save option.

Watch Dogs: Legion is expected to receive more quality-of-life features, including “further graphics optimisations” on PC to help higher-end GPUs hit a consistent 60 fps, sometime next month.


  • Good news – the single player campaign on Series X is literally unplayable now, there’s a nasty bug that will regularly remove save game progress for no reason at all – we’re talking days of progress.

    It’s right across the board for all players and I don’t know why there hasn’t been more of a fuss made about it (or why they haven’t fixed it in, like, 24 hours!)

    • This was so frustrating as i bought it on release on the Xbox One and there was a bug on it where the game would crash out at least once an hour so i put it down to wait for the series X and now i cant play on it either. I will have owned the game for over a month and hardly played it.

  • This game is such a disappointment. The online MP/invasions were a vibrant part of the previous titles and launching without them has all but guaranteed I won’t play WDL beyond the very average single player story.

    If you are on the fence about WDL and liked the previous titles, hold off on buying until next year when it should hopefully be less buggy, have multiplayer and steeply discounted.

  • I got almost to the end without encountering any noteworthy bugs.

    Then, close to the end, I clicked on the elevator at the end of what was easily the most frustrating mission in the game, to encounter a lightless black screen – not just a black screen… you can just see the scene and it has the UI, but it has zero light – that accepts no game input except ALT – F4 and I’ve been unable to progress from there.

    Sad, since I really enjoyed it up to then.

    I’ve moved on the Valhalla, which also is not without issues.

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