Homeworld 3, It’s Nice To See You Again

Homeworld 3, It’s Nice To See You Again
Screenshot: Homeworld 3

It has been almost two years since Homeworld 3 was announced alongside a slightly suspicious crowdfunding model, and in those two years we’ve barely seen or heard a thing about the game. We still haven’t, really, but at least today we got to see something.

This short video is a Railgun Frigate blowing a hole in another ship is brief, silent and very much a work-in-progress, to the point where you wonder why they’re showing it at all.

Except, you know, they must figure need to show something, even as a proof of life, or just as a reminder that hey, we announced this game, please remember us. Which shouldn’t have been a problem for a direct sequel to one of the most beloved strategy series of all time, but then this is exactly what happens when you announce a game way too soon!




  • I’m still a little sour that the remastered version butchered the original by turning it into basically a skin for the less satisfying sequel. At least Cataclysm is a thing that still exists.

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