New Fortnite Skin Is Full Of References To Game’s Past Maps

New Fortnite Skin Is Full Of References To Game’s Past Maps

Eco is a new Fortnite skin in the item shop today. It looks like the Earth, maybe for Earth Day. But it’s also full of easter eggs to the old battle royale island.

Epic tweeted that the skin was inspired by Fortnite creator NolloBandz. It sells for 1500 Vbucks, and the set also contains a wearable globe with volcanoes that erupt when you get eliminations. There’s also a separately purchasable harvesting tool called the Devourer’s Bane.

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As Eurogamer points out, the Eco skin is made up of multiple references to Fortnite seasons past. The vortex on its chest and the water on its back seem to reference Loot Lake. There’s a Durr Burger on its arm and a Tomatohead on its belt, two fast food mascots that have come and gone over the seasons. There’s a reference to embattled Tilted Towers on its right shoulder. Its icy right shin is certainly a reference to Season 7’s Polar Peak, with a Dusty Divot snuck away above it. The left shin, meanwhile, seems to reference the game’s past deserts. Season 8’s volcano can be seen on its left arm. Part of the set is also a harvesting tool that seems to be a replica of the sword that featured in Season 9’s giant robot battle. Via Eurogamer, here’s a pretty good roundup of the skin’s copious references.

Epic loves to change up Fortnite’s map in big and small ways, either through little additions that tell a season’s story or through huge shakeups during season-ending events. Fortnite players, meanwhile, love to look for hints that the game’s original map is coming back. While the Eco skin probably doesn’t portend anything, because let’s be honest nothing ever does, it’s still cool to see so much Fortnite lore crammed into it.

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