A Baby’s Head On Chris Redfield Is Somehow Even More Cursed Than Chris Redfield’s Head On A Baby

A Baby’s Head On Chris Redfield Is Somehow Even More Cursed Than Chris Redfield’s Head On A Baby

Yesterday, we introduced you to Baby Chris Redfield, who will decidedly not be rivaling Baby Yoda or any other baby, real or fictional, in popularity polls anytime soon. Perhaps, though, you will find Chris Redfield’s tall, rippling body with the goo-spewing head of an infant more to your liking.

Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you extremely won’t. But that’s what we have here, courtesy of Resident Evil Village modder JTegh, who also stapled Chris Redfield’s stubbly block onto the aforementioned baby. In the “Baby Over Chris Face” mod’s description, she specifically notes that she received “a ton of requests’’ to do this, because the human race is beyond redemption. Facial animations, she notes, also work — except for the eyes, which means that on top of everything else, we’re entering “creepy baby head from Toy Story” territory here.

Image: Capcom / JTegh
Image: Capcom / JTegh

Kotaku reached out to JTegh with a single question: Why?

“The ‘Chris face over the baby’ came as a joke to make a junior/mini-me type joke that seemed funny to me,” she said in a DM. “I was unsure what to do next, but I got quite a few comments saying the next step would be to give Chris the baby’s face, so I did.”

As for what’s next, more nightmares, of course!

“I have had requests to change around some more heads,” JTegh said, “like making the baby have Lady Dimitrescu’s face, or replacing some of the other main characters with Chris. I might be doing some of those, but I usually make stuff up as I go. Normally the mods I make are just because they’re things I like or think will make [me] laugh.”

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