A Big Lady Needs A Big Hat

A Big Lady Needs A Big Hat
Nope, no vampires here. (Screenshot: Capcom / Kallialee)

Apart from her height, Resident Evil Village villain Lady Dimitrescu’s most striking feature has got to be the fashionable hat she wears while chasing you down. But what if it was (pardon me while I attempt my best Jeff Gerstmann impression) bigger?

In the video below, content creator Kallialee showcases a mod that provides the tall vampire lady with an increasingly larger series of hats. It doesn’t take long for Lady Dimitrescu to be completely enveloped by her floppy headwear, a wardrobe change that’s equal parts hilarious and unsettling.

What the heck is she doing under there?!

Resident Evil Village has enjoyed a robust modding community all the way back to its days as a mere demo. We’ve seen Lady Dimitrescu turned into Thomas the Tank Engine and enemies that look like Barney, not to mention Chris Redfield and baby Rosemary Winters switching heads. With everyone still stuck inside, I guess the only thing to do is make this atmospheric horror game as goofy as possible to match the absurdity of real life.

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