Mark Your Calendars Because EA Just Quietly Revealed When Battlefield 6 Is Dropping

Mark Your Calendars Because EA Just Quietly Revealed When Battlefield 6 Is Dropping

Gaming giant EA had its Q4 2020/21 earnings call with investors on Wednesday morning and hoo boy, is it Christmas? Because they’ve truly blessed us with some exciting information to look forward to.

During the earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that Battlefield 6 (or whatever they decide to officially name it) will be officially revealed in June. Unfortunately, this is just the reveal and not an actual launch date, yet.

The announcement comes just a day after Battlefield teased us with this cryptic tweet, leading many of us to speculate that something was happening soon.

“The game has everything fans love about Battlefield, epic scale, all-out warfare, unexpected moments and game-changing destruction and it takes it all to the next level through the power of next-gen consoles and PCs,” Wilson said of the game during the call. “We’re excited to reveal the game to fans next month.”

Wilson also revealed 4 separate studios are working together to bring the game to life, which means it will likely be an impressive game.

“Three world-class studios — DICE Stockholm, Criterion and DICE LA — and our technology team in Gothenburg now form our largest-ever Battlefield development team. They are working in lock-step to deliver the definitive next-gen experience for Battlefield fans,” he said.

But in addition to legitimate confirmation of a June reveal, it looks like EA also let slip when we could actually be playing the game.

If you look closely at the presentation slides for Wednesday’s call, you’ll notice they casually dropped that Battlefield is slated for a Q3 2022 release.

EA earnings call battlefield release

Obviously, this is subject to change, but if they actually stick to this date, we should be seeing Battlefield 6 on shelves in time for Christmas (Q3 on the EA fiscal calendar translates to any time between October and December).

Additionally, they’ve also announced that both FIFA 22 and Madden NFL 22 are both expected to be released in Q2 2022 – aka sometime between July and September.

EA also hyped up the upcoming Battlefield mobile game throughout the call, with Wilson sounding convinced the game will be a roaring success for the company.

“We expect our two biggest shooter franchises to launch on mobile for the first time in FY ’22, which is another demonstration of our multi-platform strategy for our leading global franchises,” he said.

TL;DR? It’s Battlefield’s world and we’re just living in it.

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