Disco Elysium Is Finally Available For The PS4, PS5 In Australia

Disco Elysium Is Finally Available For The PS4, PS5 In Australia

After its brief hiatus in the refused classification binDisco Elysium is finally available for purchase for the PS4 and PS5 in Australia.

The game is available for purchase now on the PlayStation Store for a pretty reasonable $59.95, which is about the same as what it cost when it first hit PC a couple of years ago. The cost is the same whether you’re getting the PS4 or the PS5 version. (Xbox users will have to wait — Disco Elysium‘s Xbox port won’t be arriving until supposedly later on, probably around the same time the game gets ported to the Switch.)

disco elysium

I like how the official description notes the game’s “unique skill system”, which is a nice way of writing around a game that lets you take speed to boost your skill checks.

All jokes aside, Disco Elysium is uncannily good and one of the most interesting games — AAA, indie or otherwise — of the last few years. How many other games start with your character so patently shitfaced that you need to pass a 2d6 check to flub your way through basic conversations.

You can pick up Disco Elysium – A Final Cut for the PS4 and PS5 here, or by searching for the game through the PlayStation mobile app or through the consoles themselves. It’s a ton of fun, and A Final Cut is hands down the best version of what was already a very entertaining game, so go grab it.

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