Here’s Days Gone Running At 4K On PC

Here’s Days Gone Running At 4K On PC
Image: YouTube (Gamespot)

More and more of Sony’s exclusives are jumping over to the PC world, and the latest to bridge the gap is the zombie survival adventure Days Gone. The game doesn’t officially hit the Epic Games Store until next week, but if you want to see how it looks, the answer is very good.

GameSpot has gotten their hands on what looks like a review code, and Friday morning Australian time they published almost half an hour of 4K footage from the game’s opening. If you’ve played Days Gone on the PS4 when it dropped, or on the PS5 for those who had it, you’ll recognise the early moments. It’s the intro that establishes how the zombie outbreak began, the basic crafting and survival systems (like how to use bandages), motorcycle riding, the principle of camp credits by stocking up on supplies, salvaging parts from bikes.

Days Gone was always a quality looking game with a great ambience, but it also had a very, very slow start. I think a lot of people have come around on Days Gone since its launch, similar to how the critical acclaim for the Mad Max game improved over time.

Days Gone officially hits Steam on May 18, and the Epic Games Store on May 19. Not sure why there’s a day difference between the platforms, especially given they’re both charging $74.99. If you want to know more about Days Gone before jumping in, we’ve got a great review you can check out here.


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